Ticats vs Riders Play-By-Play Thread

Wow what an amazing lack of discipline

My first thought on Lawrence’s hit was that he started his move before Collaros started his slide. But after seeing the replay, I don’t think so.

But I honestly think that Breaux may not have seen the ball pop out after it hit the receiver in the numbers. But given that it did, there was no question that it was a late hit.

Both good calls by the officials.

Not going to argue with that. Breaux seems to have a bee in his bonnet and I have NO idea what Simoni was thinking on that late hit even if it wasn’t direct head contact.

Well the offense didn’t last long - here’s hoping that the D has had their ears ripped off and will settle in to play without taking all the flags!

I concur, but Help…I’m in Williamsburg Va “William and Mary”, and welcome any suggestions of how to watch the game.

Agreed, two hits on the dirty end of the scale. No need for that from our guys.

Maybe a little too excited for thr new season, but still no excuse. Surprised Simoni would do that to ZC.

I don’t agree; even though we have both watched the same reply, I see helmet to helmet and you ssee shoulder to helmet.

But that doesn’t really matter.

Collaros was giving himself up; he was clearly into his slide. So why in the world did Simoni launch himself at him like a torpedo?? Even if he missed with his helmet and caught him in the head with his shoulder, it’s still an undisciplined penalty and a bonehead mistake by one of our normally better players.


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Lack of containment on the end.

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great coverage by Murray

Agree - Doesn’t seem characteristic of Simoni but he definitely should have pulled up and not come in late - whether he hit him in the head or not. He knows Zach’s history.

Really glad Rico’s back; takes the edge off losing Unamba

Suitor needs to cram it

Absolutely - now THAT’S how to play defense!

Offense got rolling a bit more on that drive but they need to make it at least close enough to get a FG - or better still a game-tying TD.

Not bad play by Williams either.

News flash! Glenn Suitor - “Not a doctor.”

Agreed; the strong side defence looking decent

Great play by Williams and it gave the offense good enough FP that they could at least manage a FG to get themselves on the board. D seems to have settled - that opening drive was BRUTAL. Playing hard and physical is part of the game but those three flags were all WELL deserved.

Looks like they want to run the ball down the Ticats throats - yes they’re deep in their own end so it’s the safer option but the D isn’t going to let them get away with it. Frankie not getting much room to return those punts.

Masoli needed to get rid of that ball a second earlier! Even if he threw it away. Saskie D is still pretty strong out there even without their “mad scientist” Jones.