Ticats vs Riders Play-By-Play Thread

Game time is 7:00pm due to some other game being played in some other sport in some other city that may mean something.

It’s the start of the 2019 season. I predict a Tiger-Cats win.

A repeat of a women’s world cup game starts at 10 pm est. Very important not to miss any of that game :slight_smile:

The team with the better running game has the advantage in the rain.

What? Other sports besides football? I’m sure you’re mistaken.

Surprise: Jesse Gibbon is the lone Reserve.

I like that prediction - game is about to kick off! GO TICATS!!! I do hope that the rain stops. Watching on TV it looks like it has slowed up from the downpour that I saw about a half hour or so ago.

Gosh darn penalty! had to know that was coming.

Simoni is lucky he wasn’t kicked out. Bonehead move, he should know better

Oh Simoni

Yay! No leotards!

Gold pants should be the only pants!

And, a bonus with the Craptors being in the finals, no Rod Black!

Needs to be ejected, no need for that hit. Embarrassing

I thought he barely touched him - Made of glass!

I see that we have the “unbiased” (according to some) Proulx as the head ref. Breaux a little early on that tackle. And WHAT on earth was Simoni thinking??!!!

Playing like idiots out there

A little excited.

Let’s hope for a pick six!

Oh come on; he deliberately targeted his head and hit him helmet to helmet.

Take off the black and gold glasses man.

And now Breaux takes a cheap shot.

What a dirty way to start the new season. Disgraceful

I’m going to leave the black and gold glasses on for now, thank you. Sober second thoughts are for the morning.

Are we still playing the 2018 season. Nothing’s changed.

I think it was shoulder to helmet watching the replay and 20 years ago would not have been called. But I get it - it’s 2019…