Ticats vs riders game day thread

Well the game will be starting in a few minutes. It will be interesting to see which QB with their 3 game cfl experiance is going to win. I'd sugest the riders because I believe they have a better all round football game, but hey this is the cfl and anything can happen

So far the riders have laid an egg.

well, on that Ti-Cat TD the receiver was way offside! it was so bad, it was blatant but they did not catch it! like what the hell?

We (Riders) get caught every time, even on suspect offsides. yet that guy TOTALLY got away with one!


they just called us again on offside on our receiver!


ok we've got the rider ref conspiracy theories out on this one already, next up are the injury excuses lol. It's like clockwork.

That was a nice looking drive for a touchdown. They seem to be setling in now.

I guess that makes bishop(last week) and Durant today all tied up in give aways in the end zone. LOL I would have liked to seen if cates could have carried the ball into the end zone on that play since we havn't done that since he has been injured. Poorly thrown by Durant on that play.

Jyles... really? And people say the Lions have issues at QB!

hey are you watching the game??

if you're me, who knows this game like I know how to brush my teeth.. I knew that the receiver was blatantly offside on that Touchdown!

then they recently missed an Illegal procedure. btw, it was the SAME Referee who messed up on BOTH calls.

Boy talk about dumb. The rider player should have tierd to take the ball out of the end zone instead of giving up the single with 30 seconds left in the half. Miller use your head. Returner should have been told to try and run it out.

I still do not agree with the decision to bench Bish, especially the way Durant played.

Ther was also a missed face mask on the unsuing player trying to get to Porter. And several other missed offsides by Hamilton, but who cares. If the riders can't beet the cats with missed calls they don't deserve to win the game.

It seems that it really doesnt matter, Bish or Durant, its still interception city.

I agree with Bishop also, but it obviously going to happen. Durant will probably be back in at the beginning of the second half. Jules won't get it done though. Bishop I believe would look better with Cates and Matty back.

The Riders are playing well, except for their QB.

plain and simple. But the refs are constantly messing up AGAIN!

I agree in part that the reffs are missing important calls, but good teams will win despite adversity.

Would you guys shut up about the reffing!?! It's a really good game. And guess what, the Ti-cats have shown up so it is exciting.

The Riders are, apart from the pics and one trip-up by ED, playing very well. O is moving almost at will and the D has held the Cats to many 2 and outs. We'll be okay.

hey PAL

if you had seen the Ti-Cats first TD. the sideline Judge missed such a bad Offside it was ridiculous!

that's why we're complaining! they should NOT have that TD!

We havn't moved the ball well with Jyles, which game are you watchin Legalbeagle.

From what I can tell, you're the only one complaining...