Ticats vs Redblacks Predictions

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I view the game against Ottawa the same as pre-season game. No much at stake for either team.

But we still need a win. It may help get rid of Rick Campbell and Marcel Desjardins, who have run the Redblacks into the ground. They both need to be gone for the sake of the league.

This is a bigger week for Hamilton & Montreal than most people think.
Both their home playoffs spots have really been secured for quite some time.
Both are playing at home & Both are playing agaianst two very bad teams that have basically been outa playoff picture & it became official in the last few weeks.
While Ottawa Travels down to Hamilton.
& Tororonto travels up to Montreal.
Two home games for each.
Want to finish the seadonSTRONG So they both need to & Should putt an A…s whooping on both.

While in the West Sask travels to BC. With Reilly out for the season & BC officially eliminated for the playoffs. The Riders have alot to play for with the 3 team logjam atop the West. For playoff seedings home games & 1st round byes.
So the Riders for sure need & should put an extra woopung on BC.

Now the Bombers and the Stamps have back to back weeks in a home & Home series. Which should clear alot up in the West.

Montreal is locked into 2nd place in the East. Meaning they will host the east semi the week after the last game of the season.
So for them its a no brainer to take a suito bye week and sit as many starters as possible.

For Hamilton idk wat the strategy will be. Since after week 21 they already have a bye week and are hosting east finals.
Imo. These guys are pros and have played a full season.
So to me i wuldnt play Banks, Evans, simoni, etc.
A meamingless game vs a team that is already licked into their fate.

Sorry cflSteve, I couldn’t follow the first part of your second paragraph? Especially the first sentence. I get that you would rest starters however.

Not a put down, in any way, I just couldn’t unscramble the sentence. :slight_smile:

Cats are tied for fewest giveaways total and second fewest fumbles specifically.

Stat pages are handy to consult before saying things.

This prediction just in…

If game time temperature is 13 degree or greater:
Tiger Cats 35 - RB’s 16

If game time temperature is lower than 13 degrees:
Tiger Cats 32 - RB’s 18

(assuming wind will not be a big factor)


Redblacks …14

Goldblacks …44 8)

With 3 games remaining, I’m loving the witty comments and levity on our forum lately. Let’s hope we see a good, clean, injury-free game tomorrow from both teams. Cats should win easily.

X 2

I predicted a final score of about 54 points I believe - most of that for the Ticats of course! Maybe a 44-10 final or something like that.

I think he mean “pseudo” bye week there but probably wasn’t sure of the spelling.
Bowman getting his rest tonight - maybe they could rest him next week too. I think the larks will be playing hard against the Ticats next week - just hope it doesn’t result in injury to any of our key players which would take them out for the EF. Montreal is going to be doing all they can to get back to the GC.

Montreal and Saskatchewan had their hands full with Toronto and BC respectively.

I want to see a merciless beatdown. I want it bad enough that even with our backups they don’t have hope.

Worth repeating . For those that might’ve missed it the first time . 8) ;D

Our collective prediction works out to be…

Ham - 38

Ott - 10

I sometimes wonder if we’ll ever see a another team score 70+ points in a game.

That would be an exciting way to end Ottawa’s win streak at THF. (that and getting our 13th win for the first time in team history!)

I’m the kind of fan who loves to root for historic performances by teams and individuals.

I loved watching Simoni Lawrence rack up 17 tackles a few weeks ago, especially after all of the hate thrown his way this year.

While I didnt disagree with the suspension, the way people have piled on Simoni all season has been a bit ridiculous.

Should be a great game today.
It’s a great time to be a


I’m predicting a close game.
These are professionals and the RBs are fighting to stay employed.
You can’t fabricate emotion so the Ticats will sputter.

Ticats wait until the fourth quarter to wake up and win 23 to 19.