Ticats vs Redblacks Predictions

Figured I’d start the discussion.

We started as a 17.5 pt favourite which is crazy. But Ottawa is that bad.

I think we play more starters than people think for the home crowd and win easily.

Ticats 34
Redblacks 9

Second stringers will see an uptick in play, but only so much.
Should be a pretty lopsided affair. Good chance we’ll see Moore in the fourth quarter these last 3 games

I’m calling for a near shutout and another 40+ points for the black and gold

Ham - 44

Ott - 3

Still plenty of time for rest. Hit the gas. Run them over.

Absolutely, like the red blacks pounded the cats in last year’s eastern final.


Hammer them Hard.

Lets see

38–14 Cats

I really have no Idea but believe the Cats will come out ready and not let off the gas. With or without back ups. They want this game for the record.

Let’s get the franchise record for 13 wins.

30-6 cats.

15 wins!

(i’d be happy with three wins in november this year, but same sames i guess…)

Might as well get it out of the way . Yup I’m calling it right now . A good old fashioned Beat down SHUT-OUT . 8)

Gazing into my crystal ball and I see a final score of…

But…but…bobo, RBs are starting Will Arndt at QB!!


Cue panic.

Yes! No mercy allowed. I’m hoping for a score like 48-17.

Incidentally, what are the chances of Luke Tasker returning to action?


Coach O said “no” yesterday at his media scrum. He says Luke will play before the playoffs for sure and if it was a “do or die” game this week he would be playing as well.

Time to try new things & wild play calling…put it to them like they would do to us. We don’t have what some call the special,super stars that need to be hid…play hard and you won’t get hurt. Of course some rest for Banks & try a few subs…let some of our defense heal up by looking at their replacements if needed.There might be greatness right in front of us for the near future but need actual game play

You are being to kind giving them 17…our defense won’t like that…ha…ha…Cheers!

All of these blowout predictions would seem pretty accurate if the game still had any relevance. The Cats are the vastly superior team over the RedBlacks but there is the possibility that this could be a trap game. The players might psychologically let off on their intensity knowing it’s a meaningless game.

On the other hand if the Cats come out in the next 3 games and play balls-out, smash-mouth football then we have something very special here. A team playing for honour, pride, each other, the fans and their city.

At that point I would advise their Grey Cup opponent to just forfeit. ;D

Who said anything about the defence giving away points; its our offence that has a propensity to fumble the ball away.

We don’t want to finish the season with unlucky 13 wins. Gotta win two of the final three. I think a convincing win over Montreal is good for our guys, and gives Montreal a little seed of doubt, regardless of what they might say. Ottawa would be a good beat down, and Toronto would be the game to sub in for the majority of starters.

I’m thinking the Cats can overpower Ottawa by a least three TDs, and I’m liking bobo’s 31-0.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Dane Evans progresses from the first game versus the Redblacks where he had the two picks in the end zone. I think he’s learned a lot since then and will put this one out of reach by third quarter. 38-10 Hamilton.