Ticats vs Lions PBP Thread

Kickoff imminent.

Anyone besides me totally sick of trivago?

No… because they help pay the bills.

great start for the Cats.

That’s one.

Man I’ll say !

Great to have Speedy back

should give Evans confidence

Wow, opening drive way too easy for your Cats.
Evans is very comfortable in the pocket showing off a good arm and also the wheels.

And Speedy was WIDE open - just a hop away from the End zone! :smiley:

Banks with the TD and the 2 point convert!

Agree - although I don’t think he’s lacking too much in that area, but it sure must make him feel good that he can mount a nice opening drive like that.

Time for the D to step up and get a stop. Wynn got a lick in on Reilly but BC was offside before the snap. That play got them stopped - pending the outcome of the penalty flag. Off setting penalties but does it get the leos off the field?

OUCH - Reilly actually had time to make a huge toss downfield to Burnham. Looked like Leonard was walking him into the end zone too! :-[At least the 2 point conversion was broken up by Rolle I think.

Nope. But nice timing by Adeleke with the hit to prevent the two pointer.

Thanks wasn’t sure who it was - thought maybe it was Rolle who is in place of Breaux. Good heads up play by Adeleke.

That wasn’t good AT ALL! Time for the D to step up here!

Gotta stop the run. C’mon D!

Great stop with the Sack!

Was about to post that either their O line is vastly improved this week or our guys did not get their nap today.

Hope that sack gets them going.