Ticats vs Lions in July

Anyone from BC going to the Ticats game in July? Hope I won't be the only Hamilton fan at BC Place...cheering for the opposition is fun! :lol:

love the name man, Porters the bomb! already hooked my self up with a Porter jersey all ready for 09 :rockin:

You know I had been wondering what was going to happen...

FIrst we had the Chang Gang...............

Then came the Printers Union................

So I was wondering what someone would come up with for Porter.............and now we know!!


I will be there 100% for sure.

I'll be there. This will be the 2nd of many annual trips in from Victoria. Had a great time last year even with the way the game went.

Lookin forward to being on the other end of the beating this year.

Make sure you check out the tailgates. There are two areas. One is in the parking lot across from the Sandman Hotel.

The other is right beside BC place...a small parking lot near an overpass.

A great bunch of people who treat you well :thup: (expect a little bit of "ribbing" but nothing obnoxious)