TiCats Vs Eskimos

Does anyone know when or if Cogeco will replay the game from Saturday? Missed the game and didn't PVR it! :frowning:
Also does anyone know of an app that will stream live CFL games on an Android device to a Chromecast?


TSN 2 is showing the game at 2:00 AM and 5:00 AM.


That would have been this morning at 2am or 5am. So close....

TSN used to stream the games for a short period after they first aired. Is that no longer the case?

Yes they do, under Video, then Video on Demand. I don’t think it’s restricted to just subscribers, but I could be wrong.

Looks like the games on demand are now locked. Unfortunately Cogeco still doesn't offer a TSN GO logon otherwise you could stream the game from any PC or mobile device. It's brutal when you pay have to pay the prices they charge.

I finally broke down this year and got cable for the CFL season. I used VMedia which costs me $28/month for the skinny package with TSN added on and I get a TSN GO login with it. The catch with them is you have to switch your internet to them in order to get their TV. Still way cheaper than the big guys though.

Keep checking the TSN schedule though. I keep seeing replays of recent CFL games late at night. Given what a banger this one was I wouldn't be surprised if they show it again.

Thanks very much for the info Riggins. I had never heard of VMedia, I'm looking into it now.