TiCats vs Edmonton

Since you don’t drive in DC in ice or snow this is a good night to do some “off the cuff” things.
One of them is looking at the CFL schedule to look in advance as to what games we might be able to fly up and watch. One of them is the TiCat vs Edmonton on Saturday September 19th. How good does Edmonton look this year?
Tonight I’ll watch the Jays vs Orioles Spring Training game.
I hate ice and snow!

I would say both teams will challenge for their division, good time of the season for meaningful games too. I don't think you can go wrong with that game.

This has to be a record for earliest Game Day Thread ever.....!


Never too early to talk about the upcoming season. Teams, players, coaches and fans that what makes for a great CFL season.

Speaking as a person living in Ottawa, I think we have you beat for ice and snow… lol. You could always fly up here to take in a game vs the Redblacks, whilst touring our Nation’s Capital…

If DC every had the ice & snow you get we would be considered a disaster zone! We will be visiting other CFL teams/stadiums as time and company plane availability allow during the season.

September 19th?
Maybe a few flurries and a bit of freezing rain.
Bring a toque.

It better not be! The game is in Hamilton not Edmonton.

I love the amount of grit that Reilly has as a QB. The guy has excellent pocket presence and commands the space behind the line, and strong sideline throws. His touch puts his receivers in ecellent position to get to the ball first. As a runner, the guy is a force, especially , mismatched against smaller would be db's and halfbacks as tacklers. Still a throw first guy, but again physicall and demands respect on the ground. I knew from limited action in 2013 that the 'Schmoes had found their guy and enjoy watching him play.

That being said last year, defensively we had edmontons number, shutting down the likes of Fred stamps et al. Stamps however we know is now an Aloette and breaux is no longer a CFLer. It would to seem to balance things out, but I have a feeling whoever edm lines up as the #1 receiver, is going make hamilton earn their paycheque that day.

I'm looking forward to watching these teams match up this year.... Objectively, advantage Edmonton on the big play.

Banks can't always run back five kids in two games.

Interesting commentary, thanks. How would you rate Edmonton’s defense, especially during the last three minutes of the half and end of game?

The final 3 are probably the hardest point of any game, for any team in the CFL - because well, as we both know with stop time and a 20 second play clock that 3 minutes is actually a damned eternity for the defense.

Edmonton played in 10 games in 2014 decided by 10 points or less, and broke dead even at a perfect .500 in those games

Hamilton, played in 15… yeah, i barely believed it myself… FIFTEEN games decided by 10 points or less during the 2014 season, and slid just one game under .500 going 7-8 total during those contests.

The big difference here, is philosophy. Edmonton seems to be more consistent in bringing pressure and keeping a lock on WR’s during those final three, playing tight and making teams fight for field position. Whereas Hamilton, despite exploding into defensive dominance, often takes their foot off the gas and becomes (aggravatingly) passive - most especially in the 4th quarter - moving into soft zones, and drop coverages to eliminate the big play. Maybe you could do that with under a minute left, but we too often go prevent, too soon.

Dying minutes, advantage Edmonton.