TiCats vs Bombers Play-By-Play Thread

It’s almost game time. Battle of the Division leaders.
Go Cats Go!

Did I hear that right? Hank just praised the Ticat offence? Wonders never cease.

Hi folks!

Hello Mods - Can you please merge all these TC v BB threads?

Thanks muchly.



GREAT block by Kalinic to keep him untouched.

Best time to throw a pick, on a two-point convert attempt.


He looked as graceful as a ballet dancer… but only because of the black leotards!



Not quite - first down at the one.

Where’s the boat?

OK, not a TD. So let’s hold off the celebration for a second.


Great start boys!

TD Evans. Convert?

I like when the bombers throw a pick much better

Yes two points. This time same play as last w/o the int. 8)

OK, celebration’s back on.

BTW, how many footballs does each team bring to the game?

People still coming into stadium. Lines really slow tonite.

Cats are rolling so far! Need to keep the pressure on Nichols and extend this.

What a start! Best of the season so far, against the best opponent.