Ticats vs blew team Play=By-Play Thread #1

The first leg of the Ballard Cup begins at 4:pm EST.

Can our Offence come alive?
Can our Defence withstand the passing prowess of Jamed Franklin (snicker)?
Can we stop the run game?

Go Cats GO!


My first time posting in a GDT on my new smartphone I got for Father’s Day!

Interesting that Baby Burris isn’t on the panel today.

Thank the Lord?

Maybe he received a suspension for his “Me Me Me” comments last week. Whatever, I’ll enjoy his week off.

Baby Burris was on the sidelines in Ottawa last night. A demotion after his ranting last week? :wink: :slight_smile:

Looking for a W for the black and gold (or should I say black and white with gold accents? :smiley:


Nice play there Revenberg - saving your QB’s bacon! ;D

Nice play by Revenberg to get the ball back after the pick.

Yup nothing like making the guy that picked off the QB, fumble the ball so you can get it back! An great play by the OL!

Masoli is really airing it out early here. Nice to see (when it works).

Whatever keeps the chains moving lol

Argo interception, fumble for s big TIcat gain, just like Tommy Condell wrote it up… ;D

Yeah that toss to the end zone was a bit overthrown - don’t know if wind is a factor there but at least they have points on the board! Looked like Banks got hit in the helmet by the hand of the DB there as he was going for the ball!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Absolutely!

Now let’s see the D step up again! Walker and Green are big threats so they have to make sure they don’t get burned by them.

NICE play by Breaux - don’t throw to Breaux Island if you’re smart!
AND AGAIN on getting the stop short of the FD!

Breaux is a beast!

Nice return there by Frankie!