Ticats vs Argos Grey Cup ;)

Call this a dream match for our 100th Grey Cup! Is it possible with these two team as they are... YES!!! All the East teams look quite good on paper, so one of them have place in 4th right (coAugRhGOS). The west looks mediocre at best to me. A cross over play-off ensues and with a good, known west qb at the helm and with A LOT of luck ....crazier things have happened right? :wink:
It would be innnsssane!! lol

crazier things have happened, but i agree that would be amazing and great
for the CFL in (southern) Ontario...oski wee wee

The crossover rule was put in because there were 5 teams in the West and only 4 teams in the East

and in the name of fairness the 4th place western team was given an opportunity to be in the play offs.

I don't believe that a 4th [last] place eastern team with a better record that the 3rd place western
[Is that possible? ...math person.. help me out] can crossover to play in the western semi-final.

I may be wrong. If so can someone please correct me?

Sure it's possible.
The last couple of times it happened there were only 4 teams in the West and the last place team crossed over to the east.
The same thing can happen the other way around.

That would be cool but beating a team from the west and showing them that Hamilton is the beast of the east is equally as great IMHO.

Well it certainly wouldn't be good for the TV ratings! I would hate to see the league take a beating for the Grey Cup.
It's the viewers outside of Southern Ontario that are driving the ratings.
Case in point was the 010 East Semi - Toronto at Hamilton 1.5 million viewers, the West Semi - 3 million viewers.
Most of the viewers tuned into after the East Semi and most were Westerners. The following week when the Argos played in Mtl - the viewership was aided by a million on RDS, the viewership from the Toronto area was dismal.

I think people have to start realizing that Toronto is NOT the centre of the universe, it's not the CFL capital of Canada.

Even the Labour Day games will see the Western Teams ratings well above two Eastern teams. This is an example the last time the ARgos and Ticats played Labour Day. The Western Game had twice the viewers, yet Hamilton and Toronto are in the most populous region in the country. No excuses about Torontonians tuning into the NFL either

[url=http://thestar.blogs.com/sportsmedia/2010/09/here-the-most-watched-sports-events-on-english-language-canadian-tv-over-the-weekend-according-to-bbm-canada-overnight-ratin.html]http://thestar.blogs.com/sportsmedia/20 ... ratin.html[/url]

Hard to say whether western fans would drop off or not in the case of an all-east Grey Cup. I think a lot of them would still watch the game, as they are great football fans. But the impact on viewers in southern Ontario could be phenomenal. Maybe Torontonians would tune in to watch their home team in the championship game - it's happened before. I can see Pinball hitting the airwaves big-time encouraging people to support the team. And if it were against Hamilton? A lot of natural rivalry there to build on.

As for the cross-over rule, I remember it being an answer to western fans' claim that the Grey Cup was a farce, that "the Western Final is the REAL Grey Cup." Back then, the fourth place team in the west often had almost as many points as the second place team in the east, if not more.

The crossover rule works for both divisions, Ron.


Oski Wee Wee,


Western CFL fans of teams there would still watch if it was an Argos/Ticats GC, I mean I know westerners and they do feel sorry for the Argos and how they aren’t respected or cared about much in their own city and have to play in a baseball stadium, and all that, and they haven’t won much in a while. 8)

But seriously, would the rest of the country care if two teams from the Toronto area were in the Grey Cup??
I bet it would be the lowest rated Grey Cup in recent years. The only people that would love it would be Hamiltonians!!

So lets see, Hamilton wins the east final and T.O wins the west final in a crossover to meet in T.O. for the Grey Cup!
Hamilton has home field advantage and kicks T.O. out of their locker room and into the visitors locker room.
Gotta love that scenario. :thup:

..and the TiCats travel EAST to play the WEST champs!

On the contrary, the ratings would be through the roof. All the great CFL fans in western Cda would watch with just as much enthusiasm as they always have, and the southern Ont ratings --both Ham and Toronto and the surrounding region -- would be enormous.

OMG I never thought of that!! That would be the ultimate (besides winning the cup) slap in the face to the Argos! I LOVE IT!!!!! Even thinking about it tickles me black and gold :smiley:
Thanks for the insight, will make a nice tailgate laugh factor piece.

Do the Argos even have full-time use of a locker room at SkyDome? I always assumed they would have to completely clear out their stuff after each game so that the baseball team can make use of the space.

The Blue Jays and Argos do not share a locker room.

The Argos' "locker room" [practice facility ] is at the Univerity of Toronto campus in Etobicoke, ExPat.

I said the Erindale, Mississauga Campus of the U. of T. didn't I?

It would be awesome and historic, especially since Hamilton and Toronto are the two oldest teams that played for the cup that are still around.

However, lets face it not only is it unlikely that Toronto will do this well, it's even more unlikely that the West will do so poorly. That and no team that has crossed over has ever gone on to the Grey Cup. In fact, those teams who have crossed over have only won their respective Semi-Final games 2-6 times.

Great for Hamilton fans but it wouldn't be good for TV ratings.
As for the "two oldest" teams? the Argos have been around forever 100 years or so, but the Tiger-Cats have only been around since 1950 when the Wildcats merged with the Tigers. But "Hamilton" football a long time. Almost as long as Ottawa - 1876, I think it's Ottawa and Montreal the two oldest "football" teams.