Ticats Vs Argos BMFA Style

If you looking for a good game to watch tonight come out to Nelson High School in Burlington at 8:00 pm.
Bantam house league game between the 2-0 Ticats and the 2-0 Argos. Great kids and a fun game on the new turf at Nelson High which is on New St. in Burlington.

I bet the BMFA Blue team could beat the CFL blue team. :lol:

Well, seeing as I Coach the d for the BMFA Ticats I certainly agree with you.. though it might be close lol...

Hey Rev,
Hope you guys make out better than we did at 6:30
My grandson is playing his first football season, 10 yo's. Great fun!
Son-in-law is line coach.... takes it very seriously.
Great lessons in life occurring all the time.


Ticats trailed 14-8 in the final quarter marched the ball 100 yards and ate up the clock. We scored a touchdown to make the score 14-14 with just 6.6 seconds left. A flag called on the convert against the defence. Second kick good for two points ((that's the value of a kicked convert in the BMFA). Squib kick on the kick off for the tackle. Game over Ticats win 16-14 over the Argos.

I didn't mention that we are the Ticats also in the BMFA. Unfortunately we lost 27-0 to the blue team. They just outsized us. you have to wonder how the teams are assigned. no sour grapes, though. just wondering.
Hope to meet you Saturday.

Make it 4-0 We beat the Eskimos yesterday 16-2. A defensive shutout, gave up a safety for field position!

The Atoms, mostly kids in their first year are now 2-2 after beating The Eskies. However, we did allow them their first first down of the season and their first sack!!! Baby steps, baby steps!!! :slight_smile: