Ticats vs Alouettes Discussion

Figured I'd get this started since its the day before the day before..

Looks like the Cats will be starting a new guy at LT.. Terrence Campbell posted on Instagram that he will be starting..

Wonder if this is because Pete is hurt and Simmons possibly shifting over? We shall see tomorrow I guess.

I wonder how close Jake Olson is to being healthy and part of the mix for the O-Line?

I think they're saying Olsons not ready.

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/09/14/ticats-will-rely-two-rookies-protect-collaros-blind-side-montreal/]http://3downnation.com/2016/09/14/ticat ... -montreal/[/url]

Drew is saying that Simmons is in fact scratched for Friday, and Dyakowski will miss the game as well. Revenburg will be taking over for Dyakowski while Terrence Campbell is starting in favour of Brian Simmons.

CJ Gable has missed practice all week and likely won't go this week, we could see Schuerman start or Woodson with Timmis backing up.

Interesting times ahead..

I have this awful feeling in my gut that Cato and Carter are going to come in just busting to show their individual value to the club, and their individual skills as players.

If our DBs play that 10 yard cushion on Carter, Stafford and Lewis, we will be burned badly. And if the Cats wait until the second half to show up, we'll again be down by three or four scores, and too far back to catch up. Hamilton has to show up at 7:00, ready to play, and go hard until the end of the game.

Got to move the ball quickly, and crisply, and maintain possession for some long drives. Cox, Venable, Bowman, Woods, and Broulette will be coming with pressure. If Zach is hanging in for four and five 'steamboats', he'll be toast.

This game might well be a forecast for the rest of our season?

Will we see Chiles Friday?

I am still "pissed" about the effort we saw in TO land last Sunday.
But after a bit of reflection, and looking at the games posted this week-end.
A win against Montreal Friday Night..Cats move into first place in the East.
With the BlueGuys..going up against Winnipeg and Ottawa going up against Calgary.
It is a great "chance" for our Cats to remain in first at week-ends end.
This game is not a "must win".
But I hope our guys "treat it" as if it where.
And play a full 60 min.. of "focused football".
I know we have issue's in the Secondary and O-Line and last but not least Special Teams.
All fixable problems...for the most part.
This Team has a hell of a lot of talent..and they need to start to show it..
Not only to the coaches and the fans, but to themselves.

While your statement is correct, by Pts. in the standings (HAM would be 12, OTT 11), when comparing records of teams which have not played an equal number of games, I think ranking by % is the way to get a more accurate picture of the where the teams stand. With a victory over MTL, it would be HAM .500, after 12 games, but OTT would remain on top @ .550, having played 2 fewer games. Then, if OTT loses in CAL on Saturday, the RBs would drop into a tie with HAM @.500, but still have a game in hand. Hopefully, the Cats will get some help from OTT's 4 upcoming opponents (CGY, TOR, BC & SSK) before the two teams' play back-to-back games a month from now and that we're ahead of, or no worse than one point back of, the RBs when they come to The Hammer.

That's a lot of phrases in "quotes".



I don't think there's been any suggestion of that happening. However, if they go with Woodson rather than Scheuerman in Gable's spot, maybe. Richardson will play, with room on the active roster made available by putting Geoff Hughes on the 1-Game Injured List. And, I see Matt Uren who's been on no roster list, for the past three games, is back on the PR now.

If we going with new guys at LT, LG, and RB, I'm thinking Zach is going to be taking a lot of heat from the Montreal D. Might have to take Watt/Coates out in favour of another blocker? Sort of a two back set?

We know that Austin feels Gable is the best blocking back in the CFL and uses him primarily in that role. Be interesting to see how he adapts.

Here is the depth charts

Jamie Thomas ?@JamieThomasTV 10m10 minutes ago
#TiCats changes on o-line. Terrance Campbell at LT for Brian Simmons. Revenberg at LG, Dyakowski 1 game injured list. #CFL

Jamie Thomas ?@JamieThomasTV 6m6 minutes ago
CJ Gable out as well, Ross Scheuerman will start at RB for #TiCats against #AlsMTL #CFL

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#Ticats RB @CJ_Gable, G @PeterDyakowski, OT @Almostadraftpic, LB Geoff Hughes out vs. #AlsMtl. #CFL

I really hope Vaughn has some success, I really haven't thought he has been in TERRIBLE position, but just lacking ball skills and has been on the short end of some shotty refereeing. This might be a make it or break it game for him as a starter because despite not playing absolutely terrible football, he has been lit up far to often.

Also that o-line looks a bit scary, hope they can pull it together. Excited to see what Scheuerman can do after a good pre-season but doubt he sees many touches.

Worried about Zach really getting beat up in this game. This team has really slid off the rails. :frowning:

Scheuerman's biggest test will be picking up blitzes in pass protection, it hurts not having Gable out there in that regard with the young o-line they are starting.

That O-Line scares the Hell out of me , starting two raw rookies on Zach's blindside with the all important LT Campbell in his first career start could be a possible disaster and akin to a suicide mission for Collaros with that Alouette front 7 being one of their strengths. What makes it worse is not having Gable back there as well to pick up any odd man blitzes and backside blocking protection coming through the gaps. I'm really hoping that Olson is getting close to a return to action. People tend to forget that he was having an All-Star calibre season last year and ironically went down to a season ending injury in the same game as Zach did against Edmonton. I really feel that Olson returning at LT is a vital key to our success in the latter half of this season and to hopefully solidifying our shaky O-Line play that has been erratic at the best of times.

As for Scheuerman starting at running back I doubt he'll be much of a factor in this game as he will probably only see maybe 5 or 6 touches tops anyways with this teams total disdain for a running game. Hopefully though he doesn't miss too many of his blocking assignments and helps keep Collaros upright and relatively clean for the most part.

Finally looking at the secondary......well what's left to be said that hasn't already been said by others ? As much as I despise that little prick Carter I can see him having a possible big game feasting on both Vaughan and Sermons who will never be mistaken for Delvin Breaux or God forbid even Ed Gainey :oops: . Let's face it we only have 2 competent players starting in that backfield in Davis and Stephen the other competent player is a backup and not starting and why has been discussed to death on here by most of us. The other 3 starters are basically 2 scrapheap retreads from Montreal and Ottawa and a washout from the NFL.

I know I may get some heat in here for this but if this team doesn't come out strong and play 4 QUARTERS of football tomorrow night I can easily see yet another upset in the making especially with all the turmoil boiling over in Montreal this week. I mean let's face it this Cat team has proven over the years that when something looks easy for them like playing a teams backup qb like last week or playing a team in disarray like this week that they usually shoot themselves in the foot an in-explicitly wind up on the losing end of things and never make anything easy for themselves............Now saying all that , of course I hope I'm wrong but we have all seen this Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde show before from this team dating all the way back to the pre Austin era when Bellefeuille was in charge and the team could never seem to get over the .500 mark with any consistency.

Gotta agree with you. I watched Revenberg after he replaced Dyakowski in the last game. He was terrible. On one pass play he set up for pass blocking with perfect position technique. Nobody was going to bull-rush past him. Only problem was one defender ran past him to the left and one ran past him to the right going after Zach. He didn't look at them or move. Staid in that position looking at 10-15 yards of empty space until the whistle blew. Stood up and walked to the huddle. Absolutely unbelievable.

Oh man Gotta beat the als!! If for no other reason than the starting QB this week is Rakeem Cato and he gave us our first loss at Tim Hortons field.. Srsly that's all I need to hope he gets crushed every game he ever plays in until he's driven out of football, hate him more than Ricky Ray or any argo qb for that.

I share your concern. If Ti-Cats stick with their slow developing, deep threat passing routes, Zach will take a beating, and I don't think we want him running around on a wounded leg. That roll-out pass threat was always a strength over the past couple of years, but does make him vulnerable, and can lead to injuries. And Cox, Venable, Bowman and Broulette don't let something like a 15 yard roughing penalty stop them from laying a punishing lick on anyone, given the chance.

These last half dozen games have reinforced my respect for Jeremiah Masoli and the job he did through the first half dozen or so games.