TiCats vrs Nags GDT @ THF

That official needs to be escorted off the property. It makes the league look bad when the officials are so bad.

Did a few people actually boo the command centre decision?

On the DPI - I thought their guy changed direction and jumped back over top of our guy. Not much the DB could have done there.

Probably only the people who didn't see a replay.


Agreed thought the stamp changed direction. Its hard to know exactly what the rules are.

If Brooks had stayed looking at the ball, it might have been OPI. But nope, he turned away and tackled the receiver before the ball arrived.

Shouldn't have. Saunders was definitely out - a lot more obvious than the earlier call when Speedy caught the ball near the sidelines and ruled out of bounds.


Enough with the wide out passes

Good thing they called that an incompletion. And then Masoli throws it to an open Banks to get out of trouble.

Thats 4 wasted plays

Didn't look like DPI to me but they didn't show a replay!

WOO HOO HUGE PLAY to SPEEDY for a 40 yard gain. They sure needed that one! :smiley:

Top shelf secondary so far ?

As long as they can keep the Stumps off the field.
D must be getting some pressure - Bo seems to be off on some of his throws! ;D

Tonight’s topic of discussion on TSN will be: Bo Levi Mitchell.

I really like the way Green pushes the pile for a couple extra yards.

And the fact that He hasn't lost to the Ticats since the beginning of time.

Isn't it always when he's on the field?? ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

He sure didn't win all those games all by his little lonesome!

Ticats are getting a nice little drive going here. Time for a TD guys - YOU CAN DO IT!

Green looking good. Would like to seethe horses push the pile for some extra yards. Anyone know why it took jones to see the benefits of speedy as a wide out arghhhh

Yup doing a good job against a defense that allows very little rushing! Surprisingly Ticats actually have more yards at the end of the first Quarter, TD came on STs for the nags.

CRAP - So much for Masoli's streak of games without tossing a pick! SIGH!! :frowning:

Masoli looks out of sink so far
Well we have a great backup!