TiCats vrs Bummers GDT

A monster game for us against a strong WPG "D"

This will be a TSN mic'ed up game, it should be cool to listen to Coach JJ calling plays

Apparently our #1 Draft pick may honour us with his presence at the game!

David William Naylor
Hearing that @Ticats first-overall pick WR Mark Chapman will be at the game tonight in Hamilton vs @Wpg_BlueBombers #CFL.

8:08 AM - Jun 29, 2018

The TiCats will be honouring the Humboldt Broncos symbol on the helmets

Phil Perkins?
Because of the heat the @Ticats are allowing fans to bring in bottled water into the stadium so they can stay cool because it doesn’t look like it’s going to dissipate by kick off tonight between the #ticats and #bombers
11:25 AM - 29 Jun 2018fromHamilton, Ontario

Tiger-Cat Coach June Jones has Nikita Whitlock pencilled in to start on the depth chart despite Mercer Timmins' great game against the Eskimos last week. Timmins is listed as just the backup RB. What's with that?


It was well-explained in this thread yesterday:

Summary: provides us ratio flexibility around Whitlock, and doesn't really affect how often Timmis will see the field.

Hopefully Chapman will be on the field soon.

This should be a staement game. Lets see which team makes the statement!

I think we'll lose by 8 points, as momentum rarely stretches from game to game for the cats.
(Hope i am wrong and we clobber them, maybe even see JF in the game)

We don't have to clobber them - just "win baby"!! And I think that they are the slightly better team - especially with Masoli - and Streveler didn't face the strongest team last night. I think that our D can give him a few headaches! :slight_smile:

Also the heat may favour our guys who more often have to deal with it - according to Coach Sal.

that run looked way to easy, need to tighten that up

That penalty on WPG sure changed things. Took points off the board for them.

Good thing they called that hold. Hard to miss, though, when the guy grabbed the defender and threw him to the ground. Still, good thing.

Well the Pegger got called for holding so that may have helped! Anyway - not able to convert due to a Tracy sack (I think it was him anyway) so here's where our offense can get to work - although Medlock does have them pinned a bit deep.

OUCH - Methinks that Toliver should have had that - or did the wind throw it off course a bit. Not a good start with a turnover :frowning:

He slipped, that's all

Nice hit but a flag on Lawrence

True - thought they were going to get them off the field with a 2 and out and then they called the penalty on Breaux >:( They need to clean up the mistakes toute de suite!

Oops. Not sure what happened there.

Almost got it back. Getting pressure on Streveler. But no answer to Harris yet.

Flag was on Breaux down the field away from the play.

A bit surprising since I felt that they kept the run pretty well in check in the first two games. Or does Winnipeg just have better blocking that keeps our guys tied up?

OK boys time to show the home crowd what you can do and even up the score here.

I wonder if the defensive coaches have their televisions on? Probably there’s a slight delay that make it useless to hear the play being called in the huddle.

Nice scamper there by STE!! Keep the drive going boys!!