TiCats v Als

Get out the brooms.......

Why? To clean your house? We have two more games with the Cats, today included.

Sorry, thought it was only 3, didn't mean to hit a nerve. :wink:

No nerve hit at all. :wink: I've just been reading the same 'possible sweep' thing from a number of fans and even some media sources and felt the need to post a reminder that we have a four-game series with Hamilton this season. :slight_smile:

Go TiCats! :rockin:

Great opening ceremony at the start of the game....TD Als lead 8-0

Seem the Cats forgot they were playing a football game today.... they haven't shown up yet!

All has to do with watching the films I think.......for the Als they've stepped it up (3 TD's); lead 22-0

Probably want to put those away now that it's 22-0 Als.

Oh my, the Als have broken the broom in half and are inserting it firmly where the sun don't shine.

:lol: one of the best lines EVER on this forum!

If there is such a thing as too much football, right now is an example. :roll:

Anyway, this is the Al's game to lose now, and they'd really have to poop the bed on defence as did my alma mater last night in order to do so. :cry:

Medlock 57 yarder :thup: 29-7 Als... 1:00 minute till half time.

Stala is a serious douche. :thdn:

No Kidding, would of thought he would have more class than that. This is a pro league not junior high.

Fake punt by the Cats for first down...need to score the major instead of fieldgoal; No can do

I was up making donuts, what did Stala do?

Squirted water out of a bottle at an Als' receiver as he walked by . . .

Looks like not sleeping the last couple days finally caught up. I just woke up like 20 minutes ago. :lol: Doesn't look like I missed much. 3-0 to start the week. Unless the Cats are just trying to lull the Als to sleep so they can make a dramatic comeback in the fourth. :lol:

lol @ Deidrick. :lol:

I thought of a closer game at the start........40-10 Als. Sept. 23rd the Esks play em at Commonwealth. Yikes