Ticats upcoming practice schedule

Here’s a look at the Ticats upcoming practice schedule:
Begins at:
Tuesday, October 9 No Media Available
Wednesday, October 10 Day 1 Practice 3:30 PM
Thursday, October 11 Day 2 Practice 3:30 PM
Friday, October 12 Day 3 Practice 3:30 PM
Saturday, October 13 Walk Through 10:45 AM
Sunday, October 14 GAME vs SSK 1:00 PM
Monday, October 15 No Media Availability
Tuesday, October 16 No Media Availability
Wednesday October 17 Day 1 Practice 3:30 PM

Are these practices open to the public?

I guess what I am asking is, can we, the fans, actually go and watch?

If so, is there a cost?

How do we get in?

And, what exactly does "No Media Available" mean?

Yes fans can watch

There is no cost. You get in by the open gate which is usually the one on the east side of the stadium on Balsam.

I don't know what no media available means.

They ask us to sit in Box B or sec 25 only.
No one is sit on the Players side of the Field