Ticats unable to find the spark they were after

MONTREAL — Orlondo Steinauer was looking for a spark.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ head coach had watched his team fall behind 22-6 at the half against the Montreal Alouettes, on a day where a packed Molson Stadium was an ocean of noise, threatening to swallow up any and everyone in Ticats’ gear.

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As I mentioned in the other article - I'm a Cat fan, but also a demanding one. This team has the talent but they didn't perform well for most of the season - WHY? I like Steinhauer, but he needs to look at what is going on "internally" with the team. I question Condell's game plan ( or lack of) and Evans just cannot be relied upon to do the job. I very well could be wrong - but man we can't go through another year like this one without some major changes.

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Expect TiCats to be in the mix for Mitchell. I'm not sure they like what they see with Evans.

The Als defence was was a beast. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Schiltz starting next season. I was sorry to see him go.

Yes, I thought much the same - but how many years does Mitchell have left and how much would he want? But it makes for interesting off-season discussions for sure,