Ticats TV: Setta, Floyd & Dyakowski TrainingCamp Video Blogs

Go behind the scenes with offensive lineman Peter Dyakowski with his first Training Camp Video Blog…

Click here to watch the video.

More video blogs from Peter and other players to come…

Peter is a Real Cut up :lol:

I was just about to post about this. I'm supposed to be working, but I couldn't resist watching.

Dyakowski just kills me. He's hilarious. It's nice to see this kind of stuff.

Funny stuff.

Pete is one of my favourite players. Guys like him help lighten the mood and in turn help players stay loose and play well.

These guys are shacked up together in residence
for two weeks and not allowed to leave campus

I am sure they are going to create their own fun.

The Cats did Carly Agro a Ticats TV newcomer a big favour
by having Peter Dyakowski make this V-Blog instead of her.

If Carly Agro had to do this V-Blog I can't even imagine
how many pranks these guys would have pulled on her.

Otis Floyd Did one also
man He Sure like his Colour Mediphors (4 Letter Words)
Durring a Special Teams Meeting He get bow Smith to Sing Where are Champions (he sound like one little people from Wizard of OZ ) Had me Rolling the Floor :lol:

Episode two of Peter Dyakowski's video blog is now posted on ticats.ca. A funny guy indeed.


That guy is so funny. That one was even better than the first one.

Otis had a pretty good entry, but nobody can beat Dyakowski in the funny department. Well maybe Setta could. I'd like to see him do a video entry.

Unreal how funny these guys are no wounder the Ticat locker room is so upbeat

Heard on CHML this morning that Setta was also given a camcorder for ticatstv.

That's great! I can't wait to see that one.

I really enjoy Otis Floyds training camp videos, this guy is slick! cant wait to hear him if he ever gets mic'd up.

You've seen episode one. You've seen the sequel. Now playing...the big budget threequel!


what she said!! :thup: :thup:

I laughed out loud at his comments on Caulley and Smith and their lack of height. But during that part of the video, about 2:45 into it, it sounded like one of the players said "you ain't got me yet" to him.

Those videos were quite funny, and even somewhat informative. If there was one thing that was emphasized in those videos by Dyakowski and Floyd, it was that the beds in their dorms were uncomfortable. :slight_smile:

And here is Setta's video blog entry.

I must say, he didn't disappoint. But I have a question. Who is it who says "you're messed up" to him about 3:20 into the video?

OMG that was absolutely hilarious. My coworkers must think I'm crazy. I'm sitting down here all by myself laughing so hard I cried. My favourite part was when he whispered "a.k.a bigfoot". I knew Setta's would be great.

That was Sandy Beveridge who told him he was "messed up", BYF.

They all been good.

Considering how entertaining the video blogs from Dyakowski, Setta, and Floyd have been, I'm surprised that nothing has been said yet about Setta's two latest videos. You can click here to view his second video and here to view his third. If you enjoyed his first entry, you'll probably like these next two.

Also interesting and entertaining was the video of Mike Gibson being "mic'd up" at training camp. You can click here to view that.