Ticats TV Roommates

Just watched Roommates. I love it!! It is hilarious. Dyakowski and Barker were great. If Dyakowski doesn't go after a career in broadcasting when he's done with football, he's definitely missing the boat.

I have to say once again, that I think Ticats TV is the best thing that has ever happened to this site and it makes my work day so much more enjoyable lol.


Yes Dyakowski is hilarious and is great in all lthe videos that he's appeared in! :thup:

While were on the topic of videos, watch sounds of the game july 16th. If you look from 1:05 to 1:10 you can see the McDaniel family having a good time, including Damon McDaniel who was in camp with us. :thup:

As for Dyakowski, he is hilarious but what you don't know about him is that he's actually a pretty serious guy and watches more game film than anyone else. :thup:

I agree with all that, except that I think that Dyakowski could be a stand-up comedian after he hangs up the cleats for the last time. But yes, he could probably do well in a broadcast booth. :slight_smile:

When I saw a video posted that had Dyakowski talking in it, I knew I had to see it.

I liked the part where Dyakowski mentioned how he knew Barker's middle name, and the part about the argument between them about who was cooler ended. :lol:

Dyakowski is the coolest Cat on the roster indeed 8)
He's also got a sweet ride if you watched the TC video :cowboy:

That would be the 1979 Firebird that he calls the "White Dragon" no?

Peters Hooptie Wagon (Slag for an older car that doesn't run well.)

And that video can be viewed here: http://ticats.ca/video/index/id/11439

There were a few funny quotes from a few players in that video.


This is my personal favourite, the last half of that video is priceless.

Shows just how funny the guy can be.

"You evidently have highly deficient standards of personal hygiene."
"Your mother must be very ugly, and holds herself to a very low moral standard."

I need to use some of these.

Thanks for posting that Jordan. I totally missed that one. OMG that is hilarious. He kills me.