Ticats TV has a new host

I guess heavier topics have pushed this under the radar. Without fanfare, the following was posted in the Ticats TV section last week:


Nice looking young lady :smiley: :smiley:

I was wondering if there were any repercussions from the Gore Park tiger controversy. Oh well, their loss is our gain.

New host = WOW!!!!!

No complaints here. :thup:

You're not serious are you?

8) I think he is serious. :roll:

hahaha ahaha.. thats a pretty funny video actually. kim is a hottie for sure but lol.. love the more you know part at the end.. "slow down there, tiger" LOL...

all cfl teams should do this. thats some classic stuff.

Look up ... dry humour going over your head.

Dude, their is a distinct difference between humour and sarcasm.

Indeed there is at least to us. However, many view sarcasm as a form of humour. Oscar Wilde defined it as the lowest.

I liked the part at 2:24 of the video, when after being shown player names and the pronunciations of them, we see that rather than the pronunciation of Sadeghian's name, there are a few question marks where the pronunciation should be.

Apparently, Obie could've used something like that when he drafted Chris Rwabukamba, as you can see in this video: http://ticats.ca/video/index/id/11193

We could all use a few good laughs now, IMHO, with all this debating about stadium locations and whatnot.

Is it safe to assume that you meant to quote Ockham here instead of quoting me?

I love Peter Dyakowski, he always does funny bits for the Ticats TV vids.That and the fact that he's Canadian and a great player make him one of the most likable guys on the roster.You should check out his tricks of the trade video from back in the season, think it's on like page 8.

Ah yes, that would be this one: http://ticats.ca/video/index/id/8567

Very funny and equally informative.

She did an awesome job at the Climb for Cancer, and the woman is a stair climbing machine!
Fit and furocious...she'll do great here in Tigertown! :twisted:

Forget Wilde, he doesn't know what he's talking about. It's my favourite form of humour lol

For sure and that was a funny vid. We do need a little lightening up with all these stadium talks indeed. I know it's consuming my thoughts but it is a VERY important decision for both the team, the city, and the league for that matter.

If they haven't already, they should do some commercials like the Bruins do with 'the Bear'. They are quite funny - and the Bruins need funny after blowing TWO 3-0 leads. :?