Ticats TV: GoEastMountain.com video


Amazing!Please show this to the fools who are willing to lose the Ticats to have the stadium at the West Harbor.The Tiger-Cats are Hamilton, should they leave it'd be like the loss of a close family member.Mayor, please watch this and think about what you're doing.Work furiously with Bob Young and do everything in your power to get this deal done so the Ticats will stay.
The Tiger-Cats have been a part of my family a long time, and one day i'd like to take my kids to a game.There is no experience like it.

Whoever made that video should be given a huge bonus. It captures the essence of Ti-Cat fandom and its relation to Hamilton pride. So beautiful to watch.

Could not agree more :thup:

If Fact I Just Tweeted about the Video

I want to see a new stadium at the East Mountain site, but I can't view this video with anything other than a cynical eye. It's slickly produced, but hollow. Frankly, I think anyone who is currently opposed to an East Mountain stadium would dig their heels in even more after seeing such an obvious attempt at emotional manipulation.

Sports either as a player or spectator has always been to me an aspect of emotional manipulation or however you want to call it. That’s how I became captain of my senior football team at 5’7" and 150 lbs and not all that fast. Emotions. Emotions are critical for getting the most out of people. Of course combined with intellect but without emotions, everything, everything is hollow and bland. Remember, people who went last night were provided with an information brochure. Most people can read. Very glad this wasn’t some sort of academic lecture, that’s not why I follow sports or the TigerCats. And some slickness - classiness - is what this franchise needs, for too long it’s been about mickey mouse owners not having much money. Look at the mickey mouse video board IWS had for years, without Bob Young, the city would still be looking mickey mouse with their stadium and video board. Bob brought emotions, money and passion as well as intellect. Ok, so he’s made some mistakes along the way with the team but he’s admitted it and is trying to get a winning team but this isn’t always as easy as putting in a new video board, painting the seats etc. for someone else’s stadium.

This is sports, maybe you’re on the wrong site safety, well I know you’re most likely speaking for others though, you’re a sports fan through and through I think.

Its a sentimental video, but it hardly says anything about the stadium other than to further play to our fears of losing this team.

What do they usually say when a movie is made from the book and you've read the book first. You tell someone who watched the movie and they thought it was ok but nothing special - read the book, it's much better and much more detailed. :wink:

Speaking of passion and emotion, just thought as well this doesn't apply just to sports. My sister in law who ran music and theatre programs for a school board in London always told me that both passion and emotion are equal to produce an excellent concert or theatre production along similar lines as sports. And my brother told me never to argue with her! She was one artistic sort I would not care to grapple with in a disagreement. :o

And the video on the Spec site doesn't either. In fact the Spec one inspires me even more to seek remediation of Rheem with something other than a stadium

I'll have to watch it AKT. Wife and me went for a walk last week down at WH and walked by the Rheem site. Not the place for a stadium so close to a residential area and with the ambiance of the harbour in the background. Give me an ampitheatre for the arts any day down there.

But if a stadium goes there and the Cats play out of it, it will be fine for me as I don't really care where the stadium is but it will be a lost opportunity for Hamilton as they could really build on the artistic and music aspects of Hess and James North with an ampitheatre, they have sports in Copps already. The East Mountain is a darn good spot for the stadium, not as good as Confed but pretty close.

The negative aspect for me is the manipulation aspect. Emotion in sport has a place when it's genuine, not when an intern with video editing software makes a calculated attempt to influence it.

When McDaniel caught that 2 point convert last November, you bet I felt that rush of emotion, just like everybody else in the stadium. :smiley: When watching that video, I didn't feel connected to it, and it's bald-faced attempt to pander to the emotions of Cat fans for a VERY SPECIFIC political purpose felt like an insult.

Sometimes, an attempt at manipulation succeeds despite the subject's awareness of the attempt to manipulate. We often refer to movies or music in that category as "guilty pleasures": they can have the intended emotional impact on us even though we know they are contrived. "Old Yeller" was manipulative, but it still has a strong effect on a lot of people. This video was like a bad chick-flick: all button pushing, and not effective at creating at least the illusion of real emotion. Watching it made me feel like I was watching a drunk relative awkwardly try to pick up a waitress: it made me want to disassociate myself out of embarrassment. I'm guessing that wasn't the intended effect. :wink:

Well anything that is creative or artistic can be interepreted and should be interpreted the way the viewer sees it. That's what a production is all about. I don't share your view at all and quite the opposite which is perfectly fine and dandy. Embarrasement is the very last word I would use personally.

Reminds me of some modern art that goes for millions of dollars. Some of it looks like what a kid could do and I wouldn't pay a penny for it but it sells out there to art collectors for huge sums of money. These modern artists I guess have done their job "manipulating" people into paying huge sums of money. :wink:

I think it was an excellent portrayal of what was and what could be. It's tied to the brief which outlines a financially responsible proposal for a new stadium.

Don't forget, at the same time, that proposal earmarks dollars and a vision for development of the West Harbour for use by much more than just the sports fans of Hamilton but visitors from afar.

It's based on "Field Of Dreams"..."if you build it they will come".

It's time for the decision makers to put their pride aside and do the right thing for the city, the fans, the taxpayers and our future generations.

Do the Right Thing...it's The Right Thing To Do.

That yes I agree with you..

I think the intention of that was to play to our fears of losing the team. After seeing it, what I wanted to say was "please don't screw this up" to both sides of this.

It could be seen as an appeal to emotion. But to me, it certainly got its point across about what this team means to this city, and why we support it even after losing seasons.

And if you want non-sentimental arguments in favour of the EM site, that's what this is for: http://www.goeastmountain.com/wp-conten ... ummary.pdf

Anyway, as I said before, that video was very well done, and required viewing for any Ticat fan. I think it'll be shown on the TigerVision during tomorrow's game, and I'd be fine with that.

Yup, really liked the video. Made me feel proud to be a fan -- said nothing about the EM. Other than that agricultural land will now be history. Really, the only thing in that video that you can't be very proud of.

Exactly right.

Bringing sick kids and school children into the stadium site debate? Wow! :thdn:

8) You're starting to sound pathetic now in your efforts to try and humiliate the Cat franchise !! :oops:
 Give it up, and grow up.

If it wasn't going to be a stadium, it would be something else. The land was going to be built on. At one point the house I currently live in was farmland. Times change, things change. Whether we like it or not, those are the facts of life.

Instead of addressing me personally, how about responding to the point I make? This thread is about the video, not me or any other poster.

The video was all about the great tradition of the team and it's community involvement, yes? And all that is great, no doubt!

What does it have to do with the East Mountain?

That would be a great opening game video on the scoreboard!