Ticats Triathlon

If you haven't seen it yet, take a look.

It's pretty funny.


Nick 'the tsunami of swagger' Setta. LOL

It is Funny

That is great!

Without a doubt, the BEST thing I've ever seen on this site.

OMG that was classic!!!

"All he does is miss fieldgoals..."

I also loved

"I don't wanna play your Chicago cheater rules"

"Your legs are the size of trees and I can move 'em".

Those two are awesome.


OMG!! Too freakin' funny.. I can't wait to see the next one. :slight_smile:

I knew all the guys like to joke around
but these two also have acting talent.

They could both give Chris Bosh
a run for his money.

That was a fun bit.

I can' wait to see which two guys
are up next in this competition.

Setta is 35 years old? And Peter is 380 lbs? hmmm...

How about Obie vs. Charlie next? That would be fun to see too.

Printers vs Willams

lol i liked when setta said "if i ever miss a field goal its because Petr missed a block