Ticats Triathlon Dyakowski Vs Dekasiak

This has been an awful year, but full credit goes out to whoever came up with this idea.

I just watched the semi-final JP VS Peter and it was hilarious. Dyakowski just kills me. It's woth the 10 minutes.

Spelling Bee and FG kicks were my favourite.

For sure!

The tirathlon's have been great.

Dyakowski is a hoot!

What a great way to get to know the players just a little bit.

Kudos to Ticat TV for EVERYTHING they've done. A great idea, executed very well.

Richie williams was the funniest, can't wait till his semi-final against lawrence gordon :smiley:

Just watched that and it was hilarious. Gordon is such a clown. I can't wait for the final.

I'm really going to miss Richie Williams.

hmmm ... did i miss something?! we are already pronouncing ritchie gone?!

Just preparing myself for the worst. Richie is too good to sit on the bench and I think if any team shows real interest in him (like maybe they've got some extra clipboards they want to lose :roll: ) O'Billovich will jump at the chance since Richie doesn't get any respect from this organization.

You got that right. Marcel is to blame there. Makes no sense to me. Hope he gets a "real" chance somewhere else.

Richie is a great guy ... but no better than #2 on any team and probably #3 with most teams in this league

I couldn’t stand looking at the messed up teeth of Laurence Gordon
who Richie called by the hilarious name of ‘The Candy-Eating Pimp’.

but Laurence’s voice and incessant laughing was really funny

and he knew a thing or two about handling a lacrosse stick.

No better than any #2 in the league?? Are you kidding me??

Marcus Brady?? Uhh yeah Rihie is better.
Dinwiddie-Richie is better
Maas-Need I say more?? (sorry Gargy, I had to. :wink:)
Who is Sask's #2. He's better than any of the 3 they have there.

I have no idea who CGY's backup is and Jarius Jackson has been hot and cold this year.

agree with BG ... besides, every team needs a #2 and a #3. having a quality team guy in that role never hurts

In my opinion, if Durant is to go to another team, Williams is a possibility for the Riders.
NOT at all saying he is the only possibilty.