Ticats Trap in elevator 45 minutes at Camp.

The Poor Hoogies ,
Following dinner last weekend, the O-linemen were once again traveling all together back to their rooms at Les Prince Hall, where they were about to have a different type of bonding experience, one they had no idea was coming.

“The funny thing about it was that we told the rookies to take the stairs because the vets get the elevator,? recounted veteran tackle Jonta Woodard. “Little did we know they would all have a good laugh at our expense.?

And so Woodard and Hage stepped into the elevator for a routine two-floor ride, along with guard George Hudson and tackles Marko Cavka and Charles Thomas. But what a difference 45 seconds can make.

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Poor Hogiees..

That would be terrible!! I was in one of the scary elevators here at work and it didn't move for 2 minutes and it felt like a lifetime. I'd freak out.

What Marwan said was hilarious though...lol.

That are Marwan LOL

Hoggies.... Rule...

die hard lmao

.....anyone remember the old Eatons elevator?......