Hamilton, Ontario – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced the following players have been released:

#34 NIP RB Nicolas Bisaillon
#91 IMP DL Quinton Caver
#21 IMP DB Sir James Delgardo
#60 NIP OL Fabio Filice
#83 IMP WR Talman Gardner
#93 NIP DL Phil Gibson
#56 NIP OL Carl Gourgues
#58 NIP OL Peter Hogarth
#82 IMP WR Keenan Howry
#6 IMP LB Jamacia Jackson
#54 IMP DL Steve Josue
#75 NIP DL Adam Kania
#41 NIP DB Nick Kordic
#48 IMP K/P Mark Myers
#16 IMP DB Montavis Pitts
#30 IMP DB Raquan Pride
#26 IMP DB Michael Radon
#92 NIP DL Jeff Robertshaw
#37 NIP FB Tim Smith
#43 IMP DB Kevin Timothee
#88 IMP WR Jovan Witherspoon

The following players have been placed on the Injured Reserve:

#31 IMP DB Jykine Bradley
#66 NIP DL Pascal Cheron
#97 IMP DL Anthony Collier
#52 NIP OL George Hudson
#57 NIP OL Eric Ince

The Ticats will announce the players on their development roster in the near future.

About the Hamilton Tiger-Cats
The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are a member of the Canadian Football League (CFL) with a rich 138-year history, which includes 42 Canadian Football Hall of Famers and 15 Grey Cup Championships. For more information log onto www.ticats.ca

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I guess the coaching staff was looking for DB's who can catch a football, Kevin Timothee had oportunities for 3 interceptions in fridays game but could only haul in one...not good enough for the pros...I was a little surprised to see Talman gardner and Jovan Witherspoon on this list, I though they both had a good preseason, and Anthony Arceneaux made the team? I never heard or saw anything from him...and Why is Gardner still on the roster if he was just cut?

Surprises cuts for me include:

gardner and witherspoon????


I don’t profess to be a coach or expert on football. But I admit to being shocked that we released Gardner and Timothee. I thought they performed well. If this is the calibre of our release, I can’t wait to see how well we perform with the guys we didn’t release.

Were is Rempel?

4 quarterbacks still

was suprised a little bit about filice but they needed to add dyakowski. thought kordic would fit and i guess they to keep some vets with shaw and beveridge.im pretty sure kordic will be added to the PR

Damn I hate to see T.Gardner go

Gardner has been removed from the roster but dyakowski still hasn't been put on it

surprised NOT cut.."Wayne Shaw" :thdn: ..simply a waist of a roster spot.........hopefully traded!!

IMHO Witherspoon and Gardner looked better than Walker. and both with good size? But then the kornagy trade was Amazing - How long Walker will be around?

I think walker will stick...because it looks like they might use him as a returner

Lol I hope walker will be around for a long time..

Maybe Arceneaux was kept because he and Chang go back as far as high school together. Desjardins may be hoping they can rekindle the magic in the CFL.

Myers is a loss. I think he's more reliable from farther out than Setta. But Setta can punt.

Filice is a surprise too. Canuck OL are hard to find but I guess they had better guys.

An Argo-Cat fan

My thoughts exactly.

I am not about to question anything these coaches do at this juncture. They certainly had their hands full cutting this team down to size.

We should all remember too, that the coaches had the advantage of watching these guys through every day at training camp, not to mention the reams of videos they would have gone through to make their final judgments.

In the final analyses, I'd venture to say they were also scrutinizing the personnel for their conduct in the dressing room, potential leadership qualities and other characteristics that most of us wouldn't even think of.

Good Luck for 2007 Ticats!

To those Cats that are back, Welcome Back.
To those that earned the right to be on the team, Welcome.
To the entire Tiger Cat org, lets burn up the turf in 2007, and bring the "A" game every week.


Great post. Couldnt agree more.

I don't think I've even seen a CFL roster with this many Canadians on defence.

5 Canadian D-linemen (only 1 import)
6 (that's six!) Canadian DBs (only 3 imports)
(if I counted right)
Plus Augie and Mariusz at LB.

I'm not sure what my point is, or if I even have one.
I just hope this means that our young Canadian talent is every bit as good as Marcel has been saying it is.