Ticats Transactions - Sun Aug 3

That's because we cannot evaluate talent. Bringing back people we cut in camp and cutting people we kept over them?? I'm fully confident. :roll:

we didnt cut them, we traded them

Maybe Obie sees the talent in these guys, when the past regime couldn't see past their noses :slight_smile:

8) No, you're half right !! We released Peterson, and traded DJ Flick !!
Maybe Obie sees the talent in these guys, when the past regime couldn't see past their noses
8) Well in that case I guess Obie can't see past his nose, since Kania was cut from training camp THIS year !!! :roll:

We released Peterson ,but while he was here the ball would seem to hit him in the hands and the catch would not be made.
He goes to Edmonton and makes highlight catches....huh?

I see Mays is gone too. Could be they are freeing up some money for the NFL cuts.

Is Obie the one cutting people from Training camp?.. or is the head coach and his assistants the ones to make the cuts....

Fact of the matter is, although many of us believe we are so wise as to the going-ons of the football administration, really, we are simply educated (and I use that term cautiously) fans with an opinion.

In regards to Kania and Rempel, both are homegrown talent who can benefit the team from a number of spots. Look at Jordan Rempel for example. He has been off and on PR for the better part of two years now. Granted he's an O-Lineman and Kania and Chad Rempel are fighting for predominantly American spots. Nonetheless, I have faith in Obie. He's made it clear that there are still evaluations going on and what decisions were made on personnel in the first third of the season have obviously not been up to snuff.

That being said, a lot of people are counting our team out and crying about the same old record playing when right in front of us, changes are being made. Out with the old (Wayne, French, Keith) who got us to 1-5 and in with the new (Rempel, Kania etc.) who may or may not help us improve. Yet, we shoot them down before we can see them fly around. I must admit I haven't seen Chad play, but Kania has been in two training camp's with this team, was drafted for a reason by us, and played well in both exhibition games. Obie and the coaching staff must have felt it was just not the right time for him in terms of their numbers. 5 weeks later, they changed their minds.

Remember, all we have to do is beat Winnipeg in the final standings (who are also 1-5 with a big game coming up in Winnipeg next week) to make it into the playoffs and from there, the sky's the limit.

Have faith. It's a long season. Obie has proven to be successful. We can't cut the entire team. Just be patient and see what those "in the know" have in store for the black and gold faithful.

We have to beat Wnnipeg AND the west crossover team (probably Edmonton or BC, two teams that are way more competitive than us right now).

I think we are starting to assemble a fine receiving corp. Now if we can hang on to them long enough to get them all on the same page and hold off sending them to the firing squad, we may make some gains.

It has to do with guys overachieving to make the team then probably getting complacent or playing to their true level. Scouting isnt an exact science and some guys look better than others in TC and then once the lights turn on the shrink back down.