TiCats training camp

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I also tried locating the TSN pre-season broadcast schedule but I guess that info isn’t available yet.

Every player, announced as signed, now has a jersey # and the roster includes 79 names:


Not included are the 4 draftees (Ungerer, Dufault, Campbell & Whyte) who have been registered, as signed, with the league.

Also, it’s been announced that Waterloo QB Tre Ford will be the USports QB participating in this year’s TiCat training camp.

Now, later same day, although both names remain on the roster, cfl.ca/transactions show the club has put newcomer INT OL Vinston Painter on the Retired List and OL Kay Okafor on the Injured Veterans List.

Vinston Painter, the Virginia Polytech INT OL, who played 14 NFL games ('14 through '17) and was signed by the TiCats a month ago, then announced as retired 3 days ago, has now been removed from the roster.

Probably a good decsion…hard to be a football player and a Painter :slight_smile:

CFL training camps may not get underway Sunday, as scheduled:

CFL/CFLPA ratification vote delayed

There appears to be a late unexpected hiccup when it comes to the CFL/CFLPA new collective bargaining agreement, according to TSN CFL reporter Farhan Lalji and TSN 690’s Joey Alfieri.

Being told there is a conf call being held between the two sides to iron out a significant language issue. Ratification vote is being delayed. Clubs have been informed. If not ironed out by the end of day opening of camps will be in jeopardy. #CFL

Lalji reports the two sides are having a conference call to iron out a “significant language issue” and that the ratification vote is being delayed.

“Being told the issue is connected to the interpretation of the new American vet ratio of three U.S. starters having to have played three seasons with the same team or four in the CFL,” Lalji wrote on Twitter.
All CFL clubs have been informed and if the details are not ironed out by the end of Saturday, the opening of training camps will be in jeopardy.
Training camps were slated to open on Sunday

Killing my “season’s starting? buzz, Ottawacat. I hope everything is sorted quickly. :slight_smile:

It did. But, this is a very interesting report on what happened, and how and why, it did get settled.
I’m in full agreement with the story’s wrap-up final 3 lines:


Rico Murray a no show?

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Grover - Thanks for your posts. Still waiting for an article to come out on 3downnation or somewhere about the first day of training camp.

I wonder if Murray had travel snags or maybe his work visa didn’t arrive yet. That could be one reason for not being on the field for the first day of camp. Or maybe a last minute family emergency. Life happens.

Reading this is a little concerning. Banks might be one hit away from being on the IR.

I would expect opposing DBs to purposely target Bank’s shoulder/collarbone this season. An injured Banks would greatly improve their teams chance of winning.

With that being said, Ernest Jackson was recently released and played well when he was in Ottawa. I wouldnt mind seeing him added to the lineup for training camp.

Jackson was a huge bust in Montreal. Overpaid for too little performance. No thanks.

Marshall Ferguson was impressed, on Day 1, with our third (11th overall) draft pick:

How could anyone have excelled on that train wreck,esp at receiver?