Ticats trade with Riders?


Took a quick look over on riderfans.com, a lot of their posters think Collins is pretty talented. This may be a good move for us.

Maybe we can start to collect Collins's at receiver like we used to collect Davis's at DB.

Maybe this trade will wake up Tyms.

Expect a lotmore moves in the upcoming bye week, especially if Ottawa destroys us tonight.

NFL cuts are a phone call away.

We already have good receivers... we need QB's that can get them the ball... Collaros can't and Austin obviously doesn't believe in Masoli because he hardly plays him... then time to focus on getting a QB that can get the job done with an average O-line and a coach who refuses to utilize a run game.

Collins is a very solid WR, and fairs alright as a kick returner. He can also slot in as a DB. He is an asset to any team, solid player and a demonstrated team first guy through and through. Doesn't help the OL woes, but he is a good player.

Ticats have good but inexperienced receivers -Saunders, Aultman - even Tyms has been here less than a year. Collins should bring some added experience which has been sorely missing with only Tasker out there (no Toliver, Owens, Fantuz) to help the newer players.

Our receivers are not good, aside from Tasker & Saunders. Aultmann shows promise, but Tyms has been a bust this year. Jones has played well, but definitely not last game. We need help at that position.
That being said, if the protection issues get fixed, we'd be in a lot better position.

He had some success in Sask. hopefully he can keep having success here

He is a really good receiver, you got a good one. Our loss your gain.

Hello Ricky Collins............Good-bye Sleepy Banks !!!!

Another move that defies logic for anyone with half a brain. They trade a rush end with some NFL experience for a receiver. How about someone who could actually block on the OLINE. A simple case of FUBAR.

Ricky Collins

Bobbling Banks


Banks is basically a kickoff returner and should never be assigned receiving duties. I doubt he can even run a correct route.

I'm sure they are looking for a number of possibilities.
A good experienced Canadian O lineman that is available??
You'd have better luck panning for gold at King and James....

Our only backup international receiver right now is Banks. Saunders and Aultman have both handled kick returns, and Collins adds a third.