Ticats trade with Bombers

Saaaay whaaat. This is surprising news, very happy Austin and Tillman aren't settling with our terrible dbackfield down the stretch. I have always liked Johnny Adams, hopefully he can help.

Roster page is now showing Adams to wear #39 and Austin also confirmed in today's presser that he will be dressing on Saturday.

Good. Much clearer. Now they have 2 #39’s (also Da’Rel Scott) to go with their 2 #13’s (Washington & Golson). But now, E. Davis is our only #20.

....Man you guys sure like our db's'...Sears, Stewart and now Adams lol....We definitely have depth this year and add Heath and we have a lot of it...Adams was an fa at the end of the year so we most likely wouldn't be bringing him back...He's a very good db....just not this year...If he returns to form you have something...We have a db named Frederick who came into tc and was lights out making Adams dispensable...I'm just curious as to who the neg. lister is...The rumour is that he is a receiver who is CFL ready?????Maybe somebody knows on this board. :roll:

And don’t forget DeMond Washington as well who is yet another ex Bomber. Washington unfortunately and ironically hasn’t played this entire season as of now and that reason is a big part among other things as to why our D-Backfield is such a mess this season.

As for the neg lister heading your way Papa from what I’ve heard he is a receiver recently cut by the Colts name of Mekale McKay who is a big dude going 6’ 5" and 210 lbs and only 23 yrs old.

here is his bio from the Colts:

[url=http://www.colts.com/team/roster/MeKale-McKay/976e5118-d4e8-46b6-8189-f2acf6751f16]http://www.colts.com/team/roster/MeKale ... acf6751f16[/url]