Ticats trade with Bombers

Just a heads up.

Johnny Adams has been traded to Hamilton for a unidentified neg list player.

Like this trade alot

Why would Winnipeg trade him? Not good enough? Surplus of good DB's?

Finally someone to shore up the CB position.. wonder who will now play the other position? Maybe Sermons? Cassius Vaughan hasn't been great.

Great trade! When Murray comes back and Sears the secondary should be vastly improved

Is there any updates on the Ticat injurys

  • sears
  • Gable

6 ints last year to lead the league and a Western All-Star selection last season. I'm thinking that the trade by the BB's for Heath probably had a lot to do with it. The B.B's have a lot of depth unlike us in their secondary this season and not enough room to accommodate everybody. Hopefully Adams is good to go for us and inserted into the lineup ASAP maybe even for the Stamps game this weekend. :smiley: :rockin:

Gable was practicing today.. have heard nothing about Sears Jr.

Thanks Dogsfan

hard to find any updates from practice these days just the ocassional article from Drew Edwards.

Going forward, the Blue have decided to go with Frederick on the corner (who was real solid, while in there) instead of Adams.

Adams is also a FA after this year. The touch-but-not-go for the fumble play, against the Stamps, may of annoyed some people as well....

If he regains last year's form....he will give you some ball hawking, back there...

Johnny Sears 6 games has passed.. yet he is still not active. Must be taking a while to heal.. believe it was a hip injury.

I think he was good enough but when he was injured earlier in the season some of their rookies stepped up (I’m thinking Fogg) and he became expendable - especially since (as previously pointed out) he’s a free agent at the end of the season. Might just be a “rental” player (thus the low “price” - only a neg list player given up) to fill the gap for the remainder of the season. BBs seem to have enough DBs while the Ticats are badly depleted in that area and have been most of the season - at least with play making DBs.

Not likely for this week - not that he wouldn’t be useful to have - but there’s only one day of practice remaining and that’s not enough time for him to get up to speed with the Ticats defensive system, especially when the trade only took place today. He may not arrive until late tonight or tomorrow. He’ll have the bye week to learn the playbook and should be ready to go for the Ottawa game.

He played Boundary Corner in Winnipeg. It’s not like he was playing DHB covering the best slotbacks in the League. IMHO, it shouldn’t be too difficult to step in and play CB…

Not sure about what numbers DBs can and can't wear, if there are such rules, but I don't recall seeing one, in recent years, wearing any number above 49. So Adams gets #48, I guess. I think that's the only one, under 54 available now.

He still needs to know the system well enough to be assignment-sound on every play. Not every scenario translates to “pick the outside guy at the snap and cover him wherever he goes”. Broken coverages against Calgary are not a good thing.

According to the roster Adams will be wearing #20 not sure where you got #48 from ?


If they do put #20 on Adams, that means they’ll have to find a new number for Emanuel Davis.

Hmmmm verrrry interesting indeed an obvious brain fart on my part and an obvious boo boo on the roster number of Adams. :? So maybe #48 it will be then ? stay tuned for further developments :slight_smile:


With 22 players on injured lists, 8 on the PR, and Adams adding 1 to the 46-man active list, I “got 48” as the only number, lower than 54, which is not already assigned to someone or retired (#10).

LOL !!! Yup , I just went through the numbers and roster myself and sure enough using your method the magic number is indeed #48. Although strange as it is that at the present time that both Davis and Adams are both assigned #20 and upon further review the roster is also showing a pair of #13’s as well in Everett Golson and DeMond Washington. :?