Ticats trade W/ Esk's for N/I DL

[url=http://ticats.ca/article/ticats-land-d-line-prospect-in-trade-with-esks]http://ticats.ca/article/ticats-land-d- ... -with-esks[/url]

I don't think you understand. They traded for his rights. Thats a lot different than a player trade which involves a player with a preexisting contract.

Rights mean next to nothing without a contract.

I do understand, I just don’t feel like making an extremely long thread title when said reader can just click on the link to find out themselves.

You can bet Ed traded his rights because his heart is set on the big show. It could be a very long wait for Hasan.

I found the Wake Forest profile of the player in question for anyone interested:

[url=http://www.wakeforestsports.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/hazime_hasan00.html]http://www.wakeforestsports.com/sports/ ... san00.html[/url]

The jist is as follows.

If Hasan want's the play in the CFL, and wants a contract he has to go Hamilton. That's it.

So we just traded the 10th and the 25th pick for the 15th pick the possibility this guy might some day play for us.

I should add to this, Hasan was picked 36th last year, so either he's an good prospect that everyone feels is likely NFL bound so the Esks didn't want to use a sooner pick, or he's just not that good but he's a non-import and you might want him as a backup.

Either case, I think Edmonton came out ahead on this one. I generally don't like trading for rights to players gunning for the NFL because even if they do play, it often that means they don't really want to play in the CFL and have been rusting since coming out of college. I know a lot of people feel this way about Giguere, even though, I personally don't think it's the case in his case. I also think the 10th pick is worth a lot more then the 15th pick.

Hopefully Austin spoke with Hasan prior to making the trade and found out where his ambitions are at .

What's to complain about ?
It isnt as if Austin is desperate for NI help - he can afford to wait on this guy if he has to. Meanwhile Austin still has a stockpile of CDNs to audition for D-line and inheirited a couple from last year to boot.

Or to phrase it another way, we traded the 10th pick for the 15th, and the 25th pick for the 36th (of last year).

On its surface, not exactly an outstanding deal for us. But it does continue our recent tradition of trading away higher picks for lower ones. :?

On the surface, this trade sure doesn't look to be to the benefit/favour of the TiCats.

I will remind/mention ... Chris Williams arrived in Hamilton via a trade that included acquiring his negotiation rights from Saskatchewan. Sometimes it does work out.

I look at it like this, they see Hazime being better now than the guys that would be available @ #10 in this year's draft & that the difference between the 10th & 15th pick this year is not that much.

The one thing/ trend that you can see in Austin's FA moves & trades is that he puts A LOT of stock in smarts & intelligence & IQ.

Shomari Williams - Queen's
Brian Bulcke - Stanford (btw ... Another neg rights trade ... Between EDM & CGY)
Hasan Hazime - Wake Forest

All tough schools to get into & graduate. All three playing their last season as grad students by the way.

#96 Hasan Hazime 6'5" 270 DE from Pickering Ont. had 28 tackles, 2.5 sacks for the Deamon Deacons last year. He sounds better than any of the first round Dlinemen in this year's draft. I can't imagine Austin making this trade without doing his homework. Maybe a quick call to Eric Tilman sealed the deal. I believe it was he who drafted Hazime for the Esks last year. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

The Key word here is “TILMAN”, He has his figure prints all over this. That might not be good.

Tillman’s recruiting skills are top notch but unfortunately he’s still paying for past transgressions and the Ricky Ray trade.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I was reading something a while back on Nick Saban and his success at Alabama. One of things that was pointed out in the article is that the primary thing that Saban and his staff look for when they’re recruiting is intelligence and discipline. The top athletes that are being sought by Division 1 schools are pretty close in physical ablility. Smarts, according to the sources spoken to in this piece takes those players to another more elite level.

Hervey was desperate to move up in the draft as a rookie GM.
The Cats pick will be his 1st selection.
Even if our new DL does not make it to the CFL this coming season to our advantage he will not be subjected to protecting in the expansion draft.
Draft picks are a crap shoot at the best of times.

The esks just traded a now eligible draft pick from 2012 to Hamilton for draft picks this year. It adds another Canadian DE to the stable. I suspect that Hamilton is looking to make a DE spot a ratio spot if they sing both hazime and Nadon that will make four to go along with Fortin and Shamari williams. What is good about the situation is that at least three of them are very good specila teamers I don’t know about hazime as I do not much about him but the other three all have been