Ticats trade QB Pipkin to Riders for P Vedvik

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats has acquired Global punter Kaare Vedvik from the Saskatchewan Roughriders in exchange for American quarterback Antonio Pipkin, both teams announced on Sunday.

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ticats desperate?

Actually I would reverse that and say that the Riders are the ones who are desperate .


after i posted i was thinking both lol


Was Hamilton in need of a punter?

Not that I’m aware of although our regular punter this year Bailey Flint was listed today on our Injury Report as a DNP with the reason being “non football related” so who knows ?

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I have a sneaky suspicion that Hamilton just needed to unload Antonio Pipkin.


It’s fairly embarrassing for Pipkin that somebody who is (allegedly) a quarterback is only worth as much as a punter.

What do the Riders get from this though, seeing as they now have four QBs on the roster, unless maybe Jake Dolegala’s days are numbered?

Not that hard to imagine the trade trade benefited both sides.

Ti-Cats needed a global punter because of the uncertainty of Bailey Flint for the next game. Likewise, the Riders needed another QB because Mason Fine was hurt this weekend & Shea Patterson not being 100% healthy.


The Cats really don’t need another substitute QB - to be honest I don’t know if they need a kicker, but obviously someone in their organization is trying to look to the possible future needs - here’s hoping in works.

The CFL is very thin at the quarterback position. Across the league there are only three, possibly five that should be considered starters. And it shows in the predictable standings.


In the least i would think the riders would need another arm in practice as the other three are currently injured.

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I understand why this happened but Im not excited about this pickup. Two thoughts here, 1) the Riders write off this season and continue to develop the current backup QBs, two of whom are injured alongside QB1 or 2) see if Pipkin gives the Riders a better 1-2 punch when Harris is back.

We’ll soon have another member of the exclusive Kevin Glenn club. ( but Kevin Glenn he’s not)

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At the end of the day it doesn’t hurt either team, assuming the green have no kicker issues.

Maybe they should try FIFA Women’s World Cup

Sask needed a QB, Ham needed a punter because their punter went home for personal reasons so Ham suspended him