Ticats Trade Holmes and Getzlaf To Riders For Jason Armstead

ticats traded corey holmes and chris getzlaf for jason armsted!!! sportsnet.ca...

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ya i just saw that too...i actually read it on tsn.ca...i guess the cats want to move some space and salary...i really didnt see the use in corey as much as i wanted to but we got a good receiver out of it hopefully mass can through it long to him lol


What a deal!

some people might flame but oh my. way to go Marcel. Love this deal.

We gave up 2 players who werent really playing for a great threat. hopefully. then again when we got holmes i thought we had the leagues best offensive threat

Great deal! Looking forward to seeing Jason in the black & gold. Welcome to Hamilton Jason! Finally a returner that will get us better field position. As for Chris and Corey all the best. These two guys have a great deal of class.

Regina got hoodwinked, good job Marcel.

Now sign Jamel White, who would be a massive upgrade over Holmes as a back up running back.

got punk off by marcel, at least corey gets to back to where he lived before and enjoyed it, also getzlaf is from out west so he is closer to home, now if they can sign some o-line help.

Jamal White left the argos a few weeks ago & went home because of a concussion, which basically forced the argos to cut him today.

I dont think he's really up on the idea of playing football anytime soon.

Thanks bunny, thank god your here.

my pleasure. and remember, always wear your waterwings!!!

Great Job marcel !

Damn this is a huge trade. Not only is Armstead a solid returner but a huge threat at WR, where we need guys. It will also be interesting to see what kind of RB prospects will come in behind Jesse and Davis

Finally a chance for Davis to get some real reps. He is a lot better than people think.

Don't know about this one...we lose two starters for one.

Who rides the pine in order thatr Jason has a slot?

If Corey Holmes has issues on returning punts or kickoffs, does anyone honestly think its the returner's fault, or actually an issue with the other 11 players on the field?

Saskatchewan gets another two expert now ex-Cats to strengthen their club, which is certainly Grey Cup bound...

2 starters? Neither were starters my friend. Holmes was a 2nd string RB and Getzalf was a practice roster guy.

Hamilton gets the better end of the deal here.

wood ticat fans welcome john avery if he agreed to a smaller salary?

We don't need another RB. We have Lumsden and Davis.

Two Starters???

Getzlaf was on the practice roster and Holmes was second fiddle to Jesse. Armstead couldn't do any worse at retuning kicks then Holmes did.

true, i was wondering if the ticats had a look at canadians jerome pathon and oj santiago, both guys dont have a team and could contribute.