Ticats trade for National DL Jonathan Kongbo

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced on Monday that they have acquired National defensive lineman Jonathan Kongbo from the BC Lions in exchange for BC’s fourth-round pick in the 2024 CFL Draft. Hamilton originally acquired the pick in exchange for Dane Evans on Feb. 23.

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Just heard about it this morning, seems odd how it all went down.

There’s nothing odd about adding a starting Canadian with Grey Cup experience for a 3rd string QB . No team would turn that down .

Well, B.C. did.

There was a bunch of drama though in the process, some finger-pointing on social media…


Interesting. As far as I am aware Kongbo was never a problem in Winnipeg. He has won two Grey Cups and played in the NFL. It says he called out some of the star players for not wanting to practice or being professional and saying that culture matters. Then Keon Hatcher (who?) dissed him for that. I’m not sure how many Grey Cups Keon has won (I think zero) and don’t believe he’s played in the NFL.

We’ll probably never know what really went on but this ain’t a good look for BC and a great break for Hamilton. Kongbo knows a thing or two about culture from Winnipeg and there is no way he would have been able to follow the FIFO culture there if he was a troublemaker. That’s ok. Winnipeg and Hamilton will practice while future HOF players like Hatcher take it easy.

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Farhan has the scoop on what went down


Gotta wonder why Kongbo signed with BC in the first place when he should have been informed he would be in an 8 man D-Line rotation and maybe not get to play lots of reps? And why/where does Farrhan get to come out with the the not a fit accusation that understandably would have pi$$ed-off Kongbo and led to his reply? Who’s the mouth-piece on the Lions team ?

And why did Kongbo not choose to sign back with the Bombers amazing FIFO culture and where they have nobody in terms of Canadian DEs they are willing to play? Or sign with a few other teams who have little in Canadian DEs or a notion to give them playing time (see the Als or Riders or Elks)? - wouldn’t he not have had a much better chance at some playing time with those teams if that is his main concern? Maybe he thought signing with him home Province Lions would work out the way he wanted ?

So he ends up traded to the Ticats who are already deep in both Canadian DE & DT talent? Be interesting to see his fit there and how much he gets to play.

Listened to Fargone’s blurb. It still appears that we will never know the entire story. Interesting that he mentions problems with Whitehead as well missing the walkthrough but that it is now resolved. A few off field issues in BC early it appears.

In Bomberland we are wondering why he didn’t sign here and can only speculate that the salary cap was an issue. Perhaps signing Castillo was all they could afford and as much as I would have liked to see him in blue and gold, having a competent kicker is no doubt more important for the Bombers.

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Kongbo is an absolute beast. I don’t believe for a second that a guy with his history and commitment to winning was the issue in BC. If he was calling out people for not doing enough at practice… PERFECT! He’ll fit in real nice with the work ethic in Hamilton

I remember watching him feast on Hamilton when he was with WPG and thinking “man… I wish we had that guy”. Our defence just improved immensely, ESPECIALLY with Wynn out for the next several weeks. It gives Hamilton even more wiggle room to shuffle guys around.

A leader like Kongbo doesn’t become locker room poison overnight and I can’t wait to see him play in Black and Gold. I love this trade.

Harkens back to the Messam situation years ago. As a Lion fan, I’m puzzled and frustrated. Kongbo for a measly fourth round pick? Is this really the best the Lions can do?

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I don’t mind this trade, all the other stuff aside. It’s always a good idea getting draft picks and next year may be a good one. Worth stocking up on picks at least. Kurtis Rourke may be in that draft I think, although I could be wrong. Yet to be determined. It’s worth the gamble IMO. Not to mention it’s always a good idea trying to get the next great National player.

Kurtis getting drafted in the NFL is more likely now because of his brother Nathan I would think, but still…

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