Ticats Trade for Medlock

#Ticats trade for #Eskimo kicker Justin Medlock

The Ticats have traded their 2011 second round draft pick and the rights to a neg list player to Edmonton in exchange for an import DB, a third and fifth round pick and import kicker Justin Medlock.

An official announcement is expected shortly.

Medlock can kick and punt and will be competition in training camp for Canadian kicker Sandro DeAngelis, though the Ticats would likely need a Canuck punter to pair with him to make it viable.

More later.

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wounder what DB is Coming to Hamilton with Kicker Medlock

I'm curious why we had to give up two draft picks instead of one. How many picks is Edmonton down to now?

Edit: Actually, why'd we have to give up any draft picks? Hamilton gives us a second round pick and a neg list player, and we give them two picks and two players? This better be one hell of a neg list player!!!

[url=http://www.esks.com/article/esks-and-cats-trade-picks-and-players-edmonton-signs-free-agent-kicker-sakoda]http://www.esks.com/article/esks-and-ca ... ker-sakoda[/url]

The DB going to Hamilton is Carlos Thomas. Tillman states this move is good so.....have to trust him. :expressionless:

"We'll have to wait on Dalin a couple of years, but believe he’ll be well worth it."

What the hell does that means? Is he not ready to come to the CFL yet? Is he going to be a project player? :expressionless:

He still in the NCAA


He only a JR
He could be there for two more season if Red Shirted 3

Ben Cahoon is coaching at BYU and perhaps some info was passed along to Tillman. However from what I've read in articles say good things about him.

He is a good Player.. but I think Tilman took one heck of Chance
He could be at BYU another 1 to 3 years
Plus if he plays well he could go to the NFL

I suppose Tillman has high hopes on looking out for the future on this deal…he’s not done dealing yet me thinks.

If my information is accurate, Edmonton has only 3 draft choices,i.e. 1 in round 1 and 2 in round 2.

On their present roster,there is no non-import linebacker; this is why I say that in round 1 they will select a LB.


That's correct on their draft choices Richard and picking a non import LB in round 1 could/likely to happen also.

I wanna bang my head against a wall. What the hell is wrong with Tillman? I'm starting to wonder if maybe he has a gambling addiction..

Trading that much for a guy who's 2 years away from being a CFL rookie and possibly NFL bound seems like a huge gamble to me.I mean, I would've just taken Medlock for the neg list guy and left it at that.If he's as good as the Twitter folk seem to think, then I don't see it as that far fetched that he land in the NFL.As of right now, until proven otherwise I see this as a huge win for the Ticats.Why?We gain 1 pick for losing only 5 spots.We instantly improve our kicking game which is now 2/3 major areas on this team repaired and also helped address part 3/3 (the secondary) with Carlos Thomas.Edmonton only moves up 5 spots, loses a pick and buys a lotto ticket (neg. lister) where the odds are something like 1-10,000 that he'll be in Edmonton when they want him to :lol:

Tillman obviously made this trade because he is desperately trying to get Canadian talent. The last few seasons, Maccioccia must have drafted poorly, and signed a string of Canadians at the end of the line (ex. Scott Coe, Javy Glatt).

Tillman gave up a lot to move up five spots. And it wasn't even moving up into the FIRST round. Yikes.

One other thing to this trade I feel is Tillman/Reed wanted to have 3 picks (2nd pick, 10th pick and 13th pick) to select players of their choice that are rated in the top 15. So thus this trade with the Tiger-Cats doesn't look all that bad.