Ticats trade for Justin Medlock

I don't think so ..

I think Sandro has out play Medlock at Camp and Preseason or He Toast ..

Or traded...

I would not be Surpised if he was

But Think they let it play out in Camp..

well yea, but who trades for him?

Eather way Wilber is Toast

I don't get this quote from Drew Edwards:

Medlock can kick and punt and will be competition in training camp for Canadian kicker Sandro DeAngelis, though the [u]Ticats would likely need a Canuck punter [/u]to pair with him to make it viable.
Why would that be, if Medlock can do both jobs?

I think he means for Sandro's starting to be viable, we'd need a canuck punter.IMO the writings on the wall, he's proven his entire career that he can't kick at IWS and Wilbur and Medlock have proved themselves and then some.Why it was just a year or so that Medlock was pounding 50+ FG's through the uprights no prob, and it was this past year that Sandro was struggling with 17 yarders


The player on neg list has maybe 1 to 3 more season in NCAA (3 only if he red shirted*)
He a JR in Collage so that means 2 more years
Plus if he play we'll he could go to the NFL via the draft or as Free Agent.

*Redshirt is a term used in American college athletics that refers to delaying or suspending an athlete's participation in order to lengthen his or her period of eligibility. Typically, a student's athletic eligibility in a given sport is four seasons, a number derived from the four years of academic classes that are normally required to obtain a bachelor's degree at an American college or university. However, a student-athlete may be offered the opportunity to redshirt for one year which allows the athlete to spread those four years of eligibility over five years. In a redshirt year, a student athlete may attend classes at the college or university, practice with an athletic team, and dress for play but he or she may not compete during the game. Using this mechanism, a student athlete has up to five academic years to use the four years of eligibility, thus creating the phenomenon of the "fifth-year senior."
The term is used as a verb, noun, and adjective. For example, a coach may choose to redshirt a player who is then referred to as a redshirt freshman or simply a redshirt.

Boy did we win this TRADE Obie :thup:

I was thinking B.C. but they have that kid who took over for MaCallum. So maybe nobody.

sorry I meant the 13th pick....

anyways, a canadian DB would be valuable to them, but really like onknight has posted, its no guarantee they get him signed, they are talking a couple years to even get the opportunity. I agree, this has to be considered a win, for now anyways!

Yeah it looks like a good one.

I really liked Medlock when he was with the blue team, he's a good kicker.

Most of what we got from DeAngelis last season was excuses.

I still maintain I never really heard about the winds at Ivor Wynne until last year. There's been the same winds there since it was built and never heard other kickers whine about it.

The wind won’t be same in 2014 as they are now
The Stadium will be Different
Also The win IWS has always been a Factor
But we not a had great kicker since #3 Left.

There's been the same winds there since it was built
Actually the demolition and reconstruction of Prince of Wales school the past few years has constantly affected the wind patterns coming from West to East.

Now that everything is complete, the kickers can count on the wind to behave a certain way again.

this trade, combined with the signing of cobourne, really shows me the cats are serious about winning the Grey Cup this year!

could it be, the ticats end the IWS chapter with a championship win?

I predict Sandro lands in Montreal one way or another.

I doubt it. More likely to end up in Toronto IMO. Could be that Medlock was aquired for strategic reasons, like preventing him being traded to Montreal??? This one hasn't played itself out, I dont think.

I'm perplexed by this deal. Tillman isn't an easy mark when it comes to trades.

Why T.O.?They're good for kickers.I think the lower contract was set to make the deal more attractive to Montreal who plan to aquire him in a trade for N/I DB Paul Woldu.Of course that's just my predicition :lol:
Obie-wan the wise knows what he's doing i'm sure, and it probably isn't as simplified as you and I might think :cowboy:

I doubt very much Hamilton plans to keep both Sandro and Medlock. That's like moving your mistress in the house LOL