Ticats trade for Canadian Jordan Williams

Agreed - I’d be happy with Pinball as our GM. One of the only Argos who doesn’t get booed when he was a player or coming over as GM - first class!


Year but Ticats haven’t done anything. Most teams are actively signing or resigning players. Ticats still sleeping. Lost Carney, Shultz, and many others. They have done anything to replace them. They are not going to win GC this year!! Winnipeg is the team to beat!!!

Upgraded Carney, don’t need Shiltz.


If I was the owner of the Cats, I would keep Milanovich and fire everyone above him
Scouts, GM’s , Presidents etc. And hire Pinball or someone who can lead by example.
I would consider Simoni for that job. Someone who would light a fire under this team.
Bob wakeup!!!

So far they have lost Carney and replaced him with Barlow from Toronto.

They lost Shiltz and have effectively replaced him as 2nd string by promoting Powell from 3rd string .

They lost Kongbo who in reality wasn’t a loss at all as he was basically useless and invisible last year .

They have lost Thurman and have replaced him with Williams from Toronto .

They re-signed their 2 starting guards from last year in Revenberg and Woodmansey .

They re-signed behemoth 6’9" 325 lb Jordan Murray who can play both tackle positions on the O-Line .

They re-signed their starting Safety from last year Stavros Katsantonis

They signed the top DB in the league Jamal Peters from Toronto

They signed Dwayne Hendrix away from Toronto to team up with Sayles in the middle of the D-Line .

They re-signed two versatile Canadians who can play multiple positions in Bailey Feltmate fb/lb and Mason Bennett de/dt


Yeah but apart from that what have they done?


Bobo’s write-up is clear to everybody that’s been following these signings on here or reads 3Down Nation.

Saying that the Cats are doing nothing is at the very least playing devil’s advocate to try and get a reaction. At worst it’s trolling.

PS: Not directed at Schweinhund. I know his post was sarcastic. :wink:


Trade and cut all the players while were at it!
GOTC go back to sleep!


Great summary. If I may, I’ll add:

  • they’ve rebuilt their coaching staff
  • they’ve restructured their starting QB’s contract freeing up a huge amount of cap spac
  • they’ve signed a whack of players we don’t know; some of which will be camp bodies, but a couple will likely become quality contributors just like Tim White did a couple years ago

Following bobo82 and Egbert’s good lists of what the Cats have done, TSN’s observers Lalji and Naylor throw in a few thoughts, in this report, on what Hamilton has accomplished and also, what they haven’t, at least, yet.


Talking about Tim White wanting to be in that 300K range with Geno Lewis, Schoen really screwed that up for him. His agent probably told him Schoen is going to be north of 275 and with Geno at 300 we can get you there too. Schoen settling for 230 and the market probably not wanting to go nuts on WRs has probably forced White to reset his expectations.


They’ve rebuilt their Executive branch by naming Hervey THE General Manager too.
They’ve restructured Casey Sayle’s contract.
They’ve let players go who either didn’t fit into their plans or wanted to leave in the first place (happens to every team every year).

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Ownership had to admit a mistake and fire an HC they invested so much power and authority in. Without this move not much else matters.
If this franchise is going to experience another renaissance this is the move where it pivots.


I can certainly understand the frustration. But declaring the season over a week into February because we didn’t sign Schoen/White and let Carney walk is too much for even most of the team’s biggest critics.