Ticats trade for Canadian Jordan Williams

Real season starts Labour Day.


Just adding to your point… look at what happened with Montreal last year. Chaos with the ownership situation but then figured things out eventually.


That may be true, but that has not been Hamilton’s culture of late.
We seem to be making the same mistakes over & over again.
Let’s hope it changes in 2024.


Every year is a new one and every team thinks they have the roster to win . I’ve got a very good feeling about this team :canada: :+1:t2:


I understand that but they haven’t done anything to improve the team to win the GC this year!! Look at Winnipeg they resign veteran like Oliveira and Schoen. Ticats still sleeping.

And who did they bring in as new FA?

I haven’t followed Winnipeg too close but they
lost an all star olineman.

So they should be weaker resigning just some of their guys.

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But according to reports Hamilton offered both Oliveira and Schoen contracts. In Oliveira’s case they offered him $35k more a season but Brady wanted to stay in his hometown. And Cats more than likely offered Schoen more than the $230k he wound up with by staying in Winnipeg. Ultimately it’s the player’s choice and they liked their situation there - not much more Hamilton could have done in my eyes.

Every year each team will lose or won’t re-sign some popular veterans, and every year they all snag some new players. It’s the way this league operates. No different for any team. This isn’t even the official start of free agency, just a week and a half for teams to negotiate with opponents’ players. Still lots of signings and re-signings of teams’ own players to come.


The Ticats have rebuilt their coaching staff, restructured their starting QB’s contract, rebuilt their DLine, signed the best Corner available, shored up the OLine, are reportedly still in on both Betts and White, have been meaningfully in on several star players that chose elsewhere (they’re not all coming here!), and more I’m sure that we don’t know.

Winnipeg has re-signed some outstanding pieces of their offence, has lost an all-star off their OLine, has had Jeffcoat announce he’s looking to move elsewhere.

I’m not saying the Ticats are favourites to win the Grey Cup, but to suggest Winnipeg is making moves and Hamilton is sleeping is just staying married to a made up narrative and ignoring facts.


That brings up a question, running through my mind, recently.
Do you think our, staying with us, players think they’ll like their situation, being a Tiger-Cat in '24 as much, or better, than in their previous seasons here?

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Depends what kind of sense they got from Milanovich in his time here. Would think the offensive guys have a pretty clear understanding of what he’s like and what he expects. He doesn’t strike me as the type who will let guys get out of line but will treat people fairly and be a pretty straight shooter. Some players might welcome that, others maybe not. I think he’ll let Washington run the show on defence for the most part, so don’t see there will be a big adjustment there.


Basicly it looks like Hamilton is cleaning house. keeping the odd player like Kats. and giving to rest of the players the feeling that they are not wanted. They are taking all their
money and trying to buy a team (like the Argos do) but doing a lousy job of it. You need
a Pinball type guy to put it off. He would have half the top players comitted by now.

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So then how come a whole bunch of really good Argos have bailed on Pinball in the last few days?


And no news stars have committed?


Those stars have a limited number of years to shine so they follow the money. Pinball has a way of finding young hungry talent. Hopefully the Cats can do the same.

HMMMM, Argos and Pinball lead the league with 8 players abandoning ship so far this year.

And you mention Ticats spending all their money buying a team and previously saying if they don’t land Betts, White or Whitehead they will finish last.
Seems like opposite thoughts.

Anyway lots of time left in free agency and before preseason. I hope management does a great job and makes everyone happy.


Is anyone seriously going to complain about buying a team if it bring us a championship after 25 years???

I’m starting to doubt they win it again before I croak, after the way the team has been mismanaged & I’m “only” 59.

I’m sure as hell not going to complain about spending in FA if it wins us the Cup.




Because the Argo’s have this policy , they win a GC every 5 years like clock work. And are
happy with that. I would be happy if the Cats did the same.

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I’m all for buying a team, if you do it right!

Blaming Pinball, the guy with 4 rings as coach, GM, prez, is a hot new take.
Im old enough to remember when MLSE was the traditional villain, You know, the owners that set budgets to sign players and such.