Ticats trade for Canadian Jordan Williams

And a whole lot of draft picks changing hands.


A former #1 overall Canadian draft pick (By Ed Hervey)
The 30-year-old was named All-XFL this past season as a member of the Roughnecks.


Man there’s alot to keep track of here.


Essentially it works out to a massive 5 for 4 deal involving 1 known player in Williams and potentially 4 unknowns in draft picks going either way .


Basically a swap of picks. Interesting to see who Toronto takes at #5th overall that they wouldn’t have been able to take at #7th overall prior to the trade.


Williams has mostly played in the middle to my knowledge, so wondering if the team thinks it won’t be able to re-sign Jameer Thurman. If he’s versatile enough to cover outside then they may be looking at him to replace or be competition for Simoni. He seemed like a decent player in BC, split time last year with Jonathan Jones I believe on the Argos.

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I wonder about our new guy’s contract status. '23 would have been the third (option) year of his initial deal as a first round draftee, unless there was some salary rule change made for players drafted in the non-season year 2020, as was his case.
The Argos, in their announcement of today’s trade, used the wording Hamilton gets “the playing rights to” Jordan Williams. Had Toronto signed him to a new deal for '24? I don’t believe he was among their players listed as pending free agents.


Assuming he us still under contract as he was given a bonus by the Argos recently


May I ask where you got that information, oskeeeddie?

Posted on 3down nation


Here is that article from 3DN but I don’t see anywhere where it says he got a bonus recently .

Posted above


Posted above what ? Am I missing something here ? Was there another article from 3DN about this trade that perhaps I haven’t seen yet ?

Edit : Never mind , just saw the tweet from Justin Dunk that you posted .


oskeeedie: Thanks for posting the whatever a tweet is now called.
So, no question, Williams has a contract for, at least, '24.


I’m wondering if Argos are interested in Cantin-Arku who’s also a linebacker. Pretty sure he was ranked 5th overall in the scouting bureau’s list. There are a lot of olinemen in the top 20 so if that’s what the Cats are targeting then there wouldn’t be a big difference going from 5th to 7th. Cats might also feel getting another second round pick is worth giving up two lower ones in the third.

I read that Argos got neg list rights to a receiver we had (Deontay Burnett), so he could have been someone they’ve also had their eye on.


I actually quite like this trade. Hervey is quite familiar with Williams since he drafted him. Yes we move a couple of spots down in the draft (5th to 7th) but getting a potentially starting Canadian LB and a 2nd round pick out of it sounds like a good trade. Here is what William’s Wiki page writes about him:

Williams had an outstanding 2021 season with the Lions, and set a CFL record for most defensive tackles in a season by a Canadian rookie with 92, surpassing the previous high of 75 set by Mike O’Shea in 1993.[9] Following his impressive 2021 season, Williams was named the CFL’s Most Outstanding Rookie and was just the second number one draft pick to win the award.


this is a ratio change situation for the ticats. in recent memory we haven’t used canadians as starting linebackers. when we get a really good one, such as bailey feltmate, we don’t play them there and often switch them to fullback. (myles manolo also). this is somewhat of a seismic shift as to how we build our roster. i wonder what any ensuing dominoes would look like.


Id love to draft either of those Offensive Tackles from UBC. Both look like fantastic prospects.


Agree but I think at least one or both will be kicking around in the NFL for a while