Ticats Trade Draft Picks For Ryan Bomben

The 'Cats have traded draft picks #8 and #24 for starting Alouettes O-lineman Ryan Bomben.

BOOM Austin gets his man. Cats needed a starting interior Olineman and they went and got one.
Needed another National Receiver Boom they got Haidaira who may not have to start now but certainly looks to be a part of the offense going forward as well as great on coverage teams.
They needed some depth and potential starter or package versatile DB import DB. Sign Sears.

I think this is a good trade for both teams (though I'm slightly surprised to see Jim Popp helping to bolster the O-line of a division rival, would have thought he'd seek a trade out of division). We're overflowing with Canadian O-linemen and something had to give. They must see Philip Blake as a starter already. Popp must also want someone in the draft pretty badly.

Ryan's a great player. Versatile, tough, good pass-blocker, can even line up at tight end and catch the odd pass. Run-blocking isn't a strength but Hamilton isn't a run-oriented team anyway. Good move for the Cats. :thup:

Thanks for the input D&P, I really don't know too much about him.
Austin must have wanted him pretty bad, local guy and Austin says he can play all 3 O/L positons
I think he is in the last year of a 3 year contract so it is a huge gamble. :expressionless:

I think the fact that he is a local guy (Burlington) probably was a factor in the decision to make the deal. I can see them extending his contract sooner rather than later.

He can play guard or tackle. Center might be a bit of a stretch, but it's certainly possible.

I think he is in the last year of a 3 year contract so it is a huge gamble. :|
Have to think Austin will get him squared away to a long-term contract ASAP. You don't give up two picks in a deep draft for a rental.

Saw a post on Facebook from his wife. She did not sound too happy

Bomben played in 72 games over 4 seasons, that would mean he's never been injured, which is unusual for an "O" lineman. They want to start 3 Nationals on the "O" line so they can have depth at receiver and RB

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/5614734-ticats-trade-draft-picks-to-land-burlington-s-bomben-from-als/]http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/561 ... -from-als/[/url]

Austin is smart. He probably got permission to "talk" to Bomben about extending before pulling the trigger on the trade. I predict an extension will be announced in training camp if not sooner.

Can you post the comment here please so we can all view it and decide for ourselves whether she sounded happy?

Someone had linked the Facebook entry to her and her reply was, "I don't want to talk about it" Does that sound like a celebration to you?

No it doesn't, but neither does it sound negative. A lot of people will say "no comment" just after something big has happened to them because they have not yet absorbed the implications. Since Bomben lives 10 minutes away from THF I can't this being a negative for either him or his wife. IMO.

She is 6 months pregnant with their first child due in the summer,
The thought of changing addresses, doctors, and hospitals at this time may just be a little unsettling for her,
but they will be coming home to family in Burlington.
I just hope he re-signs and soon!

Why would Bomben be happy about leaving a team that has an on-going commitment to a stable, all-Canadian offensive line that allowed 31 sacks last season (2nd best in the league) and joining a team that gave up 65 sacks last season (worst in the league I believe), has been weak on the O-line for years and doesn't run the football?

Ryan bomben @Rbomben · 1h 1 hour ago
Excited for my new opportunity with @Ticats and looking forward to getting back to work soon!

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Peter Dyakowski @PeterDyakowski · 13h 13 hours ago
.@Rbomben One thing though: @CFL veteran 1st-year @Ticats OL are in charge of rookie compliance issues. You have to make them make me coffee :wink:

Hey Peter lets see you do this!


After watching weeks of top ranked Canadians available in the draft, kind of disappointed at some of our choices. :?

Aside from the fact he is from the area lives and went to University a stones throw for THF.
He also is going to a team that went to two straight GCs and sees him as a major piece in getting back and winning.
Pretty good reason

It does feel like an overpay with the second pick because Bomben is only signed for the one year. That one year might be a lowish salary though because he wasn't a starter when he signed.

Bomben said that he was shocked by the deal: it seems unlikely there was any sort of prior understanding about an extension.

If the Cats hadn't made the trade, they would probably have been choosing between Ruby and Lavoie. While I haven't seen either play, right now I am much happier with Bomben.

I see your point, Seymour. But in the last two Als/Montreal games, the sacks total was only 3 to 2 in favour of Montreal and the Cats substantially outrushed the Als. The Cats' line still doesn't look as good as the Als', and not just ratio-wise, but the gap is a lot smaller now than it was before the trade.

And maybe one of the Als-followers can fill me in: I don't recall Als' depth charts listing a back-up centre. I had guessed it would have been Bomben. Is there someone else?

As for the lack of running the football, you might want to read d&p's post again.

Sounds like the Ticats style plays to Bomben's strengths.

Indeed Popp did have his eye on a guy and a second on one of the OTs.
If Edem does not start or at least play a lot on defense this season he may walk. So Ackie was the guy he wanted.
Likely Blake is expected to start right away. Should not be any reason to think he should not be able to. There was a question as to Matte playing on the left side of the line at LG. Blake gives them an option to shuffle the OG spots if it is a better fit.
Seeing that Hamilton had gotten their Olineman speculating picks 5, 6, 7 good chance Groulx or Ruby would be there and he was right. Either would be able to be among the two back ups carried on game day.
Also adding Bodine and the kid from BYU gives them two develoment guys.