Ticats trade Davis for Ralph

Ticats Davis shipped to Eskies for Ralph

The recently acquired Brock Ralph is headed east to Ivor Wynne.

Sportsnet.ca – The Hamilton Ticats and the Edmonton Eskimos will announce a blockbuster deal later today, according to Sportsnet Insider Eric Tillman.

The Eskimos will receive running back Troy Davis and veteran non-import offensive lineman Dan Comiskey in exchange for defensive back Tay Cody, non-import wide receiver Brock Ralph and Edmonton’s number one selection in the 2006 Canadian draft.

Comiskey, had spent the previous three season with Edmonton before being traded to Hamilton this spring for veteran all-star defensive lineman, Joe Montford.

One of the more interesting elements of the trade is that Davis, who is in his sixth season with the Tiger-Cats, and Ralph, one of the better young Canadian talents in the league, will both become free agents in February.

Interesting I wonder if big brother will end up with little brother!

Interesting I wonder if big brother will end up with little brother!
That is the rumour in Edmonton. That is probably one of the reasons why they traded him. Davis and Ralph are going to be FA at the end of the season, so for the most part they are rent a players.

If davis proves to be a good runningback for the eskimos i can see the esks signing him to a multi-year deal rather than losing him to free agency and having to search for yet ANOTHER runningback. How many have we gone through this year? 5?


Yup, five.

Davis will help you guys down the stretch.....

Now all you got to do is get rid of Lancaster Jr. and the cup is within your grasp!

Agreed, Davis will help out The Eskies offence in the running game, which hasn't exactly been what you call superb.

Didn't you guys also start Mike Bradley at Running-Back earlier this year?

He hasn't started, but he got a lot of playing time in the Winnipeg game when Joseph injured his ribs on the first series.

We need to get rid of more then Lancaster is terms of a coaching staff. I should have listened to my Dad. Still won’t cheer for the riders because Lancaster cost him to much whiskey. The son is doing the same to me.

NO MORE EXCUSES. You have been given the veteran talent that you said you were lacking, now it is time to put up or shutup Coach Makebelieve.