Ticats trade Brown for Colclough, Release Rose

But there are plenty of players that don't record tackles that play special teams. He might not have been Beswick, but maybe he wasn't asked to be. Also, you can't just discount his blocked punt. Yes, he had the good fortune to come up the middle untouched, but he still got there and he still blocked the punt. There have been more than a few near misses on blocked punts this season (I mean in the league as a whole, not just the Cats) and Brown got to one. I'm not saying the guy was Steve Tasker or anything, but he contributed on special teams.

I wish they would have kept him and use him like the Als do with Lavoie. Every time he line up at tight end and caught a pass, it always seemed to be for a first down.

Fully agree - - Donny O is a very good DLineman and his NI status makes him even more valuable. I still can't believe Winnipeg let him walk last year. Of course there's a lot of Bomber fans who insist he was nothing more than a bench player and that they don't miss him one bit.

Would have taken WAY more than Darcy Brown in a trade to get Oramasionwu.

The 2009 draft was one of the worst in a long time. There wasn't anyody taken after Brown that would be considered a difference maker.

Interestingly enough, Edmonton now has both of Hamilton's first round picks (Rottier and Brown) as well as Toronto's (Legare) from the 2009 draft.

Wowza!! Harsh! 6th overall draft choice & because management tells him to put on pounds to play special teams & fullback & back up long snapper ... Instead of keeping lean & being a receiving threat ... You're gonna hang him out to dry?

Here have been a lot more NI draft choices that were afforded every chance to make it that Darcy didnt ... (see Giguere, Bauman, Barker ... ) Darcy did more in his time here than any of the others did.

If they had kept him at receiver at a natural weight just over 200 pounds, we'd lbe talking about him like an absolute given in our system & a non trade commodity.

Shoulda dumped Giguere and his solo TD dance instead of TheDBrown. This season is disappointing enough, that you might as well keep players that want to play here like #0 ad not like the GSP wannabee Giguere!

EXACTLY!! Darcy did exactly what was asked of him on this team so it's brutal that people are willing to throw him under the bus like this. What a joke. Yep shipping him out and bringing in a CB is definitely going to fix all of our problems. :roll: Give me a break. How many times are we going to try to move a player from his natural position before we see that we NEVER succeed at it? Darcy was probably our most successful switch(See JP Bekasiak, Auggie etc.)

Thanks to Blogskee for so eloquently addressing the ST issue. I agree completely with him on Darcy's ST play. Who else blocked a kick for us this year? Oh that's right. Nobody.

This is a "Brendan Taman" kind of trade. Giving up a young Canadian for an import sort of looks weak and/or desperate. I guess that pretty much describes our situation. :frowning: That 6th round pick in 2015 could be a keeper. :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy who no longer gets upset with inevitable losses)

Right. He played a lot of special teams over the course of 3 and a half years, and we only have one play to point out, a blocked punt. I don’t expect him to be Marc Beswick, but I expect him to make the occasional tackle considering the amount of time he got. Or make an impact in some other capacity, such as Sam Fournier blowing up the wedge.

It’s odd that people want Sam Giguere gone, yet are sad to see Darcy go. The two are very similar. One was selected 6th overall in the draft, the other selected 8th overall. Both are physical specimens, yet fail to translate their physical attributes into on-field success.

And I should point out that Giguere is still in his first season, while Brown is in his 4th.



I think Brown's personality and interaction with fans is the difference. But, in my eyes, he regularly had the cleanest uniform, at games' end.

Drew Edwards, in The Spec, said the same in a more gentle fashion:

"Brown lost his job this season to Sam Fournier, who plays special teams with an edge that Brown never displayed in his time here."

But again, what was his role on special teams? Was he expected to be a player who picked up a lot of tackles or was he supposed to be a player who provided deeper coverage (the second line of defense, so to speak, on coverage units). No one said he was an outstanding special teams player, but you said he can't play specials and that simply isn't true.

As for people wanting Giguère gone, that's just ridiculous. Expectations for him were through the roof and people are disappointed that he hasn't lived up to them.