Ticats trade Brown for Colclough, Release Rose


The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has acquired import defensive back Ricardo Colclough and a sixth round draft choice in 2015 from the Edmonton Eskimos in exchange for non-import fullback Darcy Brown.

Colclough (pronounced coke-lee), a 5-11, 194-pound native of Sumter, South Carolina, joined the Eskimos on March 12, 2012. After finishing his collegiate career at Tusculum in 2003, Colclough was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the second round (38th overall) of the 2004 NFL Draft. He would play 43 games for the Steelers before spending time with the Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs as well as the UFL’s Omaha Nighthawks.

In two games with the Esks this season, Colclough has recorded six defensive tackles.

Brown suited up in 55 regular season games over four seasons in Hamilton.

The Ticats also announced that import defensive tackle Robert Rose has been released.

I’m very sad to see Darcy go. Very very unhappy about this trade. Don’t want to slam the guy coming in and hope he can help, but I don’t see the logic in trading a Canadian for an American when we are already hearing that we have ratio problems.

All the best to Darcy. He’s a great guy and I will miss him.

Welcome to the Hammer Mr. Colclough. Good luck.

All the best to Robert too, but this is not a big surprise. Hopefully we’ll see more of Bruce Davis.

8) I imagine it would be Torrey Davis, who replaces Rose at the tackle position.
  By the sounds of Cortez, looks like Brandon Peguese will alternate at DE, if  he is ready to play on Saturday, which I see
   no reason why he shouldn't be ready to play !!!

    It's not rocket science to play Rush End for this team !!

     Surprised that Robert Rose who showed so much promise at DT late last year when he arrived here, wasn't able to 
     show much at all this year.

      I wouldn't be at all surprised to see our whole DLine replaced  before the end of the season !!

Agreed. Sad to see Darcy go. Always liked him. It became apparent that with the development & utilization of Darryl Stephenson, Darcy became expendable. Too bad. It's actually interesting that both Brown & Stephenson have had similar trials & tribulations in their CFL careers. Brown was a record setting slot back from St. Mary's in the AUS, asked to gain weight & convert to FB by Hamilton. Stephenson was a stellar, record breaking RB from Winsor in the OUA, also asked to gain weight & convert to FB by Winnipeg. When Hamilton signed Stephenson, they said play at whatever weight you feel most comfortable. We can now see he's developing very well at his natural reduced weight. Wish they had done the same with Darcy as the TiCats wouldve had a very good back-up if not even a starter in the non-import slot-back position.

In my opinion, this trade was all about the short side corner position. TiCats have been desperate to shore up this spot. It was Turrenne in training camp. Then Tisdale. Then Graham. Now it's Colclough. Somewhere in the middle of that they also signed Vincent Moss who im not sure even found his way to the stadium! They might as well put "The Next Guy" on the back of their jersey! The need that short side corner and that can be a spot they parachute a guy into on short notice. You're on an island all on your own out there.

To me, sounds like Obie went searching, Edmonton had one available, and Tillman dictated the terms ... He wanted a non import FB/TE/ST's player.

8) FenderGuy69, I think Vincent Moss is still trying to find Hamilton on a map !! :lol:

Sad to see Darcy go. Doesn't it seem a little odd to make this trade 2 days before you play the team you made the trade with? Maybe it is just me.

Yeah, what exactly happened to this guy? I don't see his name anywhere on the roster.

Saves money. Colclough probably was/is on the flight here from Edmonton with the team. Darcy gets his seat on the way home.

Or it could be just coincidence. In an eight team league, there's a 14.28% chance the trade would've been with Edmonton. When you take out the eastern division rivals, that means a 1 in 4 chance a trade occurs with the Eskies. When you factor in Tillman, who wants to stock-pile non-imports, its basically a lock!

8) He was signed to the practice roster on Aug.21, and then released less than a week later !!
  Obviously he thought the Cats were a joke, OR....the Cats thought HE was a joke !!    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Trading Non Imports for Imports is always a risky move - - especially when the Import is a 30yr old rookie. Brown hasn't done much of anything for Hamilton, but he's still just 26yrs old.


Thats all the game film I could find on him :lol:

that is more like an Abbott and Costello routine than game film. :lol:

i would rather we'd have traded for Don Oramasionwu, the gigantic defensive tackle from manitoba. we need another canadian tackle so we could go with a canadian on the defensive line, to complement eddie steele (and to replace maurice forbes). Don Oramasionwu is a beast.

Darcy Brown is a 250lb receiver that can't play special teams. The reason I call him a receiver instead of a fullback is because he can't block. I couldn't believe we gave him a contract extension in the off season.

I really wish we had left him as a receiver, maybe one who specializes in second down conversion, ball retention plays. The guy has pretty good hands, and is big enough to go up against the linebackers covering short routes over the middle. (Remember his catch over the middle earlier this year? That's what I'm thinking.) Oh well.

I hope he does well in Edmonton, well, except against us. With the number of RBs and FBs they have, I suspect that they may be looking at him as a receiver. Hope so.

You really think Edmonton would have parted with him?

Agreed ... he obviously fell out of favour with the coaches being a healthy scratch the last few games ... not surprised to see this happen at all

By "doesn't play special teams" do you mean he doesn't return kicks? Because he played plenty on special teams in a non-returning capacity.

I mean that he's not an effective special teams player. He got a lot of time on ST's over the past three seasons yet rarely made a tackle. Judging by his lack of ability to block while coming out of the backfield I doubt he did that very effectively on special teams either. Sure, he got to Sean Whyte on a punt this year, but he came through the middle untouched.

Darcy is a physical specimen and the team moved Auggie to fullback last year in hopes of his gritty play style rubbing off on Brown, but it didn't work.

I don't think it's surprising that Darcy Brown and Robert Rose are now ex-Cats. Both were healthy scratches last week, and I understand that Brown was scratched at least twice this season.

I remember that the decision to draft Brown in the first round a few years ago raised a few eyebrows here at the time that decision was made. He was a slotback being moved to fullback, and I wasn't sure if he could make that transition. And to be honest, he didn't do a lot here to make us see why the decision to pick him with that second pick we had in the first round was made. Aside from blocking and recovering that punt, he had not done a lot for us this year. And I figure that Stephenson and Fournier were doing well enough to make it so Brown was no longer considered necessary.

As for Rose, I thought he might get released shortly after he got scratched last week and Davis was acquired a few days after that. I thought he showed potential at first, but he was a disappointment, though I wish him well in the future.

So those who wanted changes made to the D may be pleased to see that three trades were made in this last week in attempts to improve the D. They might not be the changes that some were asking for, but we'll see what they do for this team soon.