TiCats Trade Bartel & S. Williams For Draft Picks

Ticats.ca Staff

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have acquired first (9th overall) and second round (11th overall) selections in the 2014 CFL Draft from the Saskatchewan Roughriders in exchange for non-import punter Josh Bartel, non-import defensive end Shomari Williams and a first round (8th overall) selection in the 2014 CFL Draft.

The Roughriders acquired the 11th overall pick in an October 6 trade with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Bartel punted 229 times for 9,904 yards (43.2 average) in two seasons with the Ticats.

Williams signed with Hamilton as a free agent on February 15, 2013. He registered one defensive tackle and one special teams tackle in six games with the Ticats last season.

The Tiger-Cats now own the 9th, 11th, 17th, 44th, 52nd, 53rd and 62nd selections in this year’s draft.

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I guess this should not be a surprise with the signing of Medlock. But damn! I am disappointed Bartel is gone.

Well at least he's still in the CFL. . .that'll keep Rod Black happy.

You beat me to it MadJack. I was just going to post who is Rod Black going to talk about during Cats games now. lol

He can always talk about his forte "figure skating"!

He'll be fine, the Cats' have Luke Tasker so he can tell us all how he's related to former NFL player Steve Tasker. Over and over again.

Calling it now ... Rod Black will replace his Bartel/Australian talk by blathering on that Medlock is left footed and that he was his girlfriend's caddy on the LPGA Tour.

I wonder if this means that the fan from down under "TicatsAustralia" will now switch allegiances and become known as
"RidersAustralia" ??? :slight_smile: This trade should really surprise no one,as soon as Medlock was signed the writing was on the wall for Bartel as for Williams,he only played a 3rd of the schedule last year,and might as well have been a ghost,as he had zero impact when he did play and IMO had really no chance to crack the lineup this year on a regular basis anyway.In a nutshell,all this deal is just switching up draft positions with the Riders in round 1 from 8th to 9th pick,and getting an additional pick 2 picks later for a punter who well a fan favourite,wasn't going to make the team anyway and shipping a washout in FA back to his original team.Good luck to both of them :thup: the Austin offseason housecleaning continues as these two bring the count up to lucky "13" for players jettisoned from last year's squad,with more to come,no doubt......stay tuned!!! :cowboy:

You can't look at a trade based on the impact to the roster.
I think this is a fleecing by the Riders.
They get a TOP Non-Import punter and a serviceable non-import defender for LESS than a 2nd round pick.
If the Riders pick the player the Cats would prefer in the 1st round I would rather have released both traded players for nothing.

Not a very good trade in my eyes . I think they should have gotten more for Bartel foor sure as he is one of the best non import punters in the league..They only got a high 2knd round pick ..
shomari they could have just released if they wanted to

This is a strategic trade and very well executed by the Ticats. They get a second round pick for a punter they were going to release making sure he does not line up in Ottawa or Montreal and a never was and expensive player freeing up money. As I said before those signing in FA will come at a cost and the adjustments are not over.

Bartel was going to be released. The TiCats weren't going to employ an import kicker in Medlock to do all three kicking duties AND keep 2 NI kickers on the PR and/or IR lists. If you keep him on the PR, then anyone can make a claim on them. Then you'd lose him for nothing. Either way, if you release him or put him on PR, you'd end up losing for nothing. This way they got something.

As far as what they got, I don't think you'd get much more than the early 2nd round pick they got from Saskatchewan. Looking at the picks above that one ... there's 2 ... Sask's 1st round and Ottawa's 2nd round. Ottawa isn't going to offer that since they're going with Nick Setta for all 3 kicking jobs.

As far as getting a 1st round pick, I really don't think anyone is going to give up a 1st round pick for A) Someone that is going to be released anyways ... And B) A player that only plays 1/6th of 1/3rd of game plays. 112 plays all year ... Roughly 5 plays a game.

Not discrediting the importance of a good/great punter (See Maver, Rob) And not discrediting Josh as I think he was quite good. But honestly, he's not worth a #1 pick. He was 6th in total yardage and 5th in average as far as regular punters.

Sask offers the 2nd round pick because when a guy gets cut, they hit the waiver wire. Sask is in 9th spot on that waiver-claim list. This way they move up and get what they need in an NI punter. They could've risked it and hope he cleared all the way to them, but obviously felt a 2nd round pick is worth it.

As far as the Shomari Williams part of the trade. I see this as more of a "saving face" move and perhaps a little "humanity" on the part of Austin. Kent lured Shomari to Hamilton away from Saskatchewan. It didn't work out. Shomari isn't in Hamilton's plans going forward. As he's done with other guys (See Stala, Dave) he made calls to see if there's interest. Straight out cutting a guy that you signed as a FA looks bad on you. This way Kent saves a little face. Same with Shomari ... He wasn't cut by Hamilton ... He was traded. Also think this was Kent helping Shomari out. They weren't going to get anything for him. Everyone knew he was most likely getting cut. So Kent said, let me send you back to where you came from in Sask and all the best Shomari.

Lastly, there may be roster bonuses or such that are do so $$$'s could be at play as far as getting Saskatchewan to take on his salary & contract.

Stala was cut, there were no favours there by Austin. As for Shomari its dumping a 120k mistake they made last season. Shomari might not be done moving. I don't think Rider fans are excited to have him back and if he does stay, he can expect a new contract offer.

Austin talked to Dave about retirement as a TiCat or if he wanted to keep playing. #88 wanted to still play. Austin made calls over the holidays to try and trade Stala. No takers. He didn't have to do that but he did.


Bartel was a great kicker, I hope we have a solid contract with Medlock, that holds so if somebody points a finger at him from the NFL he's not gone. :roll:

Medlock has been trying to break into the NFL for five years, he's left footed so that makes it even less likely that a team would want to use him as an emergency replacement. I think your safe. Bartel deserves to play...

Williams is what you call a classic FA signing washout,it happens sometimes,where a team signs a player in FA and for whatever reason it just doesn't work out for the player and team.It happened last year as well for the Cats when they signed Deon Beasley away from the Bombers,only to cut him before training camp opened.Williams being a FA signee most likely had an over priced contract that the team saw no return on in onfeild performance and was basically just a throw in on the deal and a salary dump as well.If you look closer at this deal,without it the Cats would've had the 8th and 17th selections in the draft,my guess is that Austin has his eye on a few key draftees that if the deal wasn't made,might not of been available with the 17th pick,so now he has a quick turnaround with 2 picks at the 9th and 11th spot instead of waiting it out for 6 more selections before the 17th pick and possibly seeing the team miss out on a player that Austin is looking to draft.I tend to agree with Hfx TC on this one that it is a rather well played strategic move on Austin's part,we'll just have to wait and see who we get in the draft with these two selections that are nearly back to back at 9th and 11th.

If you look at the draft rankings and factor in there is no NCAA juniors in this draft. You see there are a dozen guys who have the potential to make a roster. So having two picks in that dozen. Is a net gain.

still confused by the trade, doesn't make sense to me.

8 for 9 and 11 sounds fair ish


bartel and williams for 11th seems legit

8 for 9 seems stupid

So, if Medlock gets hurt then.........?