Ticats trade 9th pick in the draft to BC for DB, kicker

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=236255&lid=sublink05&lpos=headlines_main]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=236255& ... lines_main[/url]

Jan. 5, 2008: NFL draft analyst DJ Boyer of Football.com names Gee-Gee K Ara Tchobanian as a potential NFL draft pick in his look at prospects from small schools. Ara is the only CIS player mentioned at any position.

A kicker?? I don't like the sound of that. Does this mean that we're having trouble extending Setta??

So we got a starting db and insurance in case Setta goes south? If so then nice move.

Setta is gonzo once his option year hits. No doubt in my mind. You need to bring in kickers to camp to see how well they perform and to get to know them.

I think this is a smart move. With many bigger names getting signed to the NFL, you don't have to worry about your early picks now. These guys will be available later.

I wonder what Bob has on Wally???

I hope Nicky extends but nice backup plan.

Not so sure it was done because of worries about Setta leaving, as to have two kickers in training camp to share the work load, much like they bring in a "throw away QB".

If the kid works out, put him on the reserve list incase of injury to Setta.

Knowlton is a very decent DB. Would have been a good deal if it was just him. The kicker is a bonus.

Good job Obie!

Very solid pick up.

Considering that Setta does both kicking and punting I would say it doesn't hurt to have an extra kicker around. Even if this new kicker just stays on the practice roster all year to develop its a good thing for the future. Plus this new kicker doesn't have near the experience to replace Setta.

I wouldn't worry just yet or at all maybe..

Starting DB for the Cats 3rd draft choice=great deal!

And I am thinking trader Bob is not done dealing yet.

I like Barker But Hope Right and he not done

Peters says today in the Spec that Knowlton was aquired to start at LB alongside Moreno and Mariuz.

So with all of Obie's many recent DB aquisitions, if we take Barker #1 overall, we will have a much improved secondary and LB corps.

And I assume that we will take the best available receiver (Giguere or Bradwell) with the #8 pick.

But that will still leave us with almost no talent at DT.

To quote my 9 year old daughter "I wouldn't be me if I didn't worry". :wink: I'm still not convinced that we have Setta locked up until I hear that he has extended his contract. I've been fooled too often by people who say the right things and then leave.

Apparently the plan is to go with only one starting Non_Import D-Lineman, and that is covered off with Nautyn McKay-Loescher.
We still have Clinton Wayne and Jermaine Reid to back-up and the versatile JP Bekasiak to help if needed.
I think we will find 2 starting American D-Lineman from the bunch at camp to work with Charlton Keith, and who knows we might see more 3-4 with our new defensive co-ordinator.

The secondary was horrible last year so acquiring a proven starter is a good move. Picking Barker would also seem to be the prudent course.

Gasp, you mean Armour may not be irreplacable afterall?
Maybe Obie found some camouflage for Kenny. :roll:

I hope the Cats do keep Micheal Roberts around though. He shows promise but just needs more experience. He was burned badly a few times last year but he will get better. His NI status makes him pretty desirable at a DHB spot if he can earn that role again.

He did OK for a rookie and I really think he will be much better.

Roberst looked absolutely lost out there. The only way he makes the 2008 team is if he plays special teams.