Ticats @ Toronto - Sept 8/18

When did we (the Ticats) becomes a good team? :slight_smile:

Looks like a decent crowd, too. :slight_smile:

Why do they close off the upper deck at BMO where the camera faces?

Wouldn’t it be better to close off the upper deck opposite where the camera faces?

Please get a BIG BLUE Tarp and Argo logo to cover the entire upper deck .

It looks so bad with red seats empty .

Thought it would even be a bigger crowd as the Ticketmaster was not showing many left .

The crowd is not bad - for an Argos game. Not bad at all.

Love the divot on the field marking the catch. Can taste the TFC fan’s tears.

I watch the games without sound.

Turned on the sound and heard Henry Burris. He’s not doing too bad. :slight_smile:

The pass on that touchdown was HIGH RISK. A little off and it goes the other way for 6.

How long untilJerry Glanville gets a head coaching job?

Next year?

Burris was stuttering at first but his groove caught on and he is solid .

Game ended right on time. Nice! No overlap. Now onto the SRR game. :slight_smile:

15,702 is okayfor the Argos only but I thought they would fill it up more for the rematch .

I have to say I’m a bit disappointed with that crowd size. I thought it was going to be in the 17,500 - 18,000 range. Especially considering the number of Cats fans there and the fact the Argos had won their last two home games in exciting fashion. Oh well.

At least it should be packed at THF next Saturday afternoon for the Cats-Calgary game now that the Cats are on a roll.

What a difference about 60 km makes in fan interest levels.

Something went wrong for sure as there looked to be renewed interest at BMO .

I thought 20,000 would be a possibility . I was way off .

Me, too. I thought 17K minimum. Too bad.

Minus last night, LOTS of good games over the last 2 weeks.

That's because the TFC has messed with your sense of how many people are at BMO. :wink:

If the TFC had a crowd that size, the would say there was 28K.

They drew 13,500 vs. Hamilton last year which also included thousands of Ti-Cats fans snd it was the home opener.

Was hoping for a bigger crowd to but 15,700 is an improvement year to year.

Was hoping for a better result on field too but it looks like there will be no post season games at BMO for any team this year. The grass gets a break Lol.

It’s baby steps, but the fans are slowly returning. It wasn’t that long ago they had trouble getting even 10,000 at a game.

Baby steps which direction though? The last time they played a Labour Day rematch the weekend after Labour Day at BMO they drew over 17,000.

Setting aside attendance, this was an enjoyable game to watch. While it was not at all in my interest, I cheered for the Tabbys (my #2 team after the Redblacks). Masoli is a joy to watch. He is a hardscrabble workhorse of a QB. I wish Harris would take a few lessons from him on how to move the ball forward…

Good showing Tabbys. You guys deserve the first place spot in the east.

Good luck against Calgary next week.

Agree. Great game. :slight_smile: