Ticats To Use All-Import Defensive Line?

Good teams with good records can afford to stand pat
and just fine-tune their rosters every year, ticat53.

We had a 5-13 record.

It's not like Obie and Marcel are disturbing the continuity
of a well established team like Mike Kelly is doing in the 'peg.

Our front seven were our biggest weakness last year, ticat53

Lots of un-CFL tested players made it through Training Camp.

Four of them started in the Front Seven in our first game.

Obie says 'better is better' so when 4 yr veteran
LB Jamall Johnson became available he grabbed him.

Rookie import LB Dennis Haley and NI DT Matt Kirk,
who has never been 1st string , have been bumped.

Unfortunately they didn't played well enough
in the one game they got to start so far

but they haven' been cut yet and one
or both of them could win their job back


I love it that Obie has been mixing in
more and more established CFL veterans.

like Gauthier, Goodspeed,
Stala, even back up Grant.

Stala, Goodspeed, Floyd and Johnson are my Fav. aquisitons by Obie.

see ya there I be they guy in Grey Beside Ron

Is there any chance that the Tiger Cats could go to the CFL board of governors and get an exemption for the Canadian content rule. They could put a case forward to state that they have been the worst team in the CFL for the past 5 years and therefore to give the team an advantage that they don't have to start any Canadians. It would be like having the first pick in the draft, except in this case the reward would be they don't have to start Canadians.

A few around here have LABELLED my enthusiastic support of Jesse Lumsden as a "man crush" ... Well, in my defense, I can ATLEAST point to some reasonable success of his ...

But when it comes to RonfromTtown's full blown LOVE AFFAIR with Obilovich - I MUST ask - upon what, in the name of Ben Zambiasi, is it predicated on!!?? .... I mean, from where I am sitting he has added NOTHING but a Trio of Lion REJECTS, a couple of Bomber CASTOFFS, a couple more Canadian SB's WAY PAST their prime, and combined them with 2nd rate young talent, and an UNPROVEN HC.

The winning (or losing) percentage SPEAKS for itself.

When Charlie Taaffe was coach- the team was COMPETITIVE! Losing close games and maintaining a REASON to believe. Since his departure, theTiger Cats have been just plain HORRIBLE.
It is NOT inconceivable that this team heads into Labour Day with 1win or LESS!!

IF that scenario came to FRUITION ... would you STILL "stand by your MAN", Ron ?


Way to stay on topic…

Sorry there THREAD Police ... perhaps I should have INCLUDED ...

I love it that Obie has been mixing in more and more established CFL veterans
and ...
Obie says 'better is better' so when 4 yr veteran LB Jamall Johnson became available he grabbed him.
and ...
It's not like Obie and Marcel are disturbing the continuity of a well established team like Mike Kelly is doing in the 'peg.
I guess I was just giving the forum readers too much CREDIT by AVOIDING redundancy.

There is some logic in having a great deal of respect
for Bob Obillovich as a football man, Meanstreak.

You know Obie worked hand and hand with Wally

bringing in the players that Wally Buono built into
consistently successful teams in Calgary in the 90s

and he did the same for with the B.C. Lions for 4 years.

"Bob has a good grasp of where he wants to go,
and how he wants to build, says Wally Buono

You have to take a lot of time in your mind
before you start executing your plan," Buono says.

"Everybody looks for speed and
skill and that kind of stuff,

but Bob also likes character and
he likes toughness," Buono says.

"Once you understand the characteristic of a player
-- what you're looking for in an inside receiver,

what you're looking for in a defensive tackle
-- that really helps you in your scouting

and building your team," Buono says.

Remaking the Ticats roster with "O'Billovich guys"
is a process which doesn't happen overnight.

Obies plan involves into a methodical,

position-by-position reconstruction
of the Tiger Cat football team.

Only 15 of the 80 players at Training Camp,
were Tiger Cats when he took over last year.

And several of them have been dispatched since.

meanstreak wrote: "When Charlie Taaffe was coach- the team was COMPETITIVE! Losing close games and maintaining a REASON to believe."

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Good grief meanstreak........revisionist history already?????
To refresh your failing memory....this team was NEVER competitive with Charlie (who was a nice guy) at the helm. We were never in danger of making the playoffs. There was no hope things would improve. We had the worst defensive co-ordinator in years. The only thing that looked good in the past two seasons were Nick Setta, Zeke for the first year and Jesse when he was able to play. Game planning was high school stuff and half time adjustments were almost non-existent.
We were probably the worst 4th place team the East has seen in many years.
Were you out of the country when all this was going on?

To be fair, at the beginning of Taaffe's reign, the team did lose a few close games, but instead of improving and getting more competitive and actually winning some games, crappy coaching, poor management and the curse of the free agent led to the inevitable wheels falling off, yet again. And fall off they did, big time. No mistake about that. Taaffe's team was no where close to competitive and made no indications that it was ever going to be.

The post-Taaffe team with MB and Porter last year seemed more competitive (they would've won one more of those last games if not for a botched snap on a last second field goal, and Porter's rating of 102 was pretty darn impressive) so this year we get to find out if the trajectory of this team is towards getting their sh*t together, playing some decent defence, and winning some games, or if it's going to end up back on the water slide of dysfunctionality that ends with the pitiable train wreck that we've all come to know and hate.

There was no ATTEMPT at Reviosionist HISTORY here ... because as I DISTINCTLY remember- there was a string of 4 or 5 Home games where I acually STAYED the entire 4 quarters of the games because the team was playing COMPETITIVELY and had a chance of winning ... even DESPITE the complete lack of talent ... something I ATTRIBUTED to Charlie Taafe's abilities as a HC ... Which brings me to the ROOT, I believe, of my lack of FAITH in Bob Obillovich.

RonfromTtown makes a COMPELLING argument in FAVOUR of Bob Obillovich's slow, methodical approach to TEAM BUILDING ... and finds reason to BELIEVE in his mix of YOUNG talent and VETERAN experience ... an ARGUMENT which is hard to find fault with ... cuz' after all it is the way it SHOULD be done ...

As the THEORY goes - a team must LEARN how to win. They must EXPERIENCE the trials and tribulations of competition TOGETHER, and COLLECTIVELY learn how to COPE, ADAPT, and THRIVE. They must learn to TRUST each other and gain CONFIDENCE n each other. I get all that.

However, for a team to SUCCESSFULLY navigate through those ROUGH waters ... they MUST have a competent, experienced, proven LEADER (aka Head Coach) to guide, and steer them through the UNCERTAINTY. This is EXACTLY where Bob (I believe) has FAILED his troops. The HC he installed has NO EXPERIENCE at leading a Professional football team to success. Bob's CAPTAIN has as MUCH to learn as the men he is charge of. A huge weakness in the equation. A WEAKNESS that is further compounded by the fact that the ON-FIELD geneall (aka the QB) is also a ROOKIEwith zero experience, and MUCH to learn. It is, LITERALLY, the blind leading the blind, and is the SOURCE of my DISCONTENT.

In my mind, Bob Obillovich SHOULD have KNOWN better. There are just too many people trying to LEARN on the job. Plain and simple. SO, now, as fans - we are forced to PAY tfor the on the job training oif the HC and players ... something which is HARD to swallow when put into the CONTEXT of the past few years here in Hamilton. The fans DESERVED better.

Yeah, so this is a bit off the topic of the thread title ... ... SUE me.


Trying to get back on track

I really like the fact that the Ticats appear to be trying to use their import players based on the best possible non-import starters rather than the other way around. For far too long it seems to me that the philosophy was to get the best American players possible and fill in the holes with Canadians. Since American players are in abundant supply and Canadians are not the logic of not doing everything possible to put your best Canadians on the field reguarless of position has always seemed foolish. Nick Setta is a prime example. We haven’t found a decent non-import for a traditional non-import position. Instead of throwing in a player that would lose us games as happened after Ozzie’s retirement the Cats made a decision to get an American and start a non-import somewhere else wher the noimport had a chance to succeed. It makes sense that if we have more non-import recievers that we use them in order to strengthen a weakness elsewhere.

As for the consistancy argument, our entire d-line is under construction so any changes at this point is OK. If it continues all season and into next year as it has in virtually every position the past 5 seasons then the Cats will have lost yet another season and the process will need to start from scratch once again. I have faith that the current mangement team will try to bring stability even if it costs us a win or 2 in the first half of the season. I also have confidence we won’t see a massive midseason airlift like past seasons. No matter what you think of Obie, and i’m not sold on him, he knows the importance of developing a stable program.

I was surprised Obie thought Kirk was a starter, he was always a second stringer in BC and was totally blown out by TO. I still like Haley hes strong and fast hes just green.