Ticats To Use All-Import Defensive Line?

Drew Edwards' blog today contains some very interesting information:

  1. Import Demonte Bolden has been practicing at the defensive tackle position recently occupied by non-import Matt Kirk while Jamall Johnson and Otis Floyd are taking reps at weak side linebacker and middle linebacker respectively.

  2. Chris Bauman has been taking reps at Airese Currie's receiver spot leading to speculation that the Ticats will go with an all-import defensive line and two non-import receivers on offence;

  3. Rookie non-import wide receiver Matt Carter has apparently been released by the B.C. Lions;

  4. Quinton Porter will be the starting quarterback in the game against B.C. on Friday.


Very smart moves, all of them

The receiver spot that Chris Bauman practiced at this week
is the wideside WR position where he played in his first year.

More deep balls down field, fewer catches over the middle.

He may be more comfortable there and not having
to catch balls in traffic might be a good thing.

Most balls to WRs go to the weak sided WR though
and that is where Prechae Roderiguez plays

Sign Matt Carter asap.

Kirk and Haley were weak links last game, so they are being replaced. But IMO Floyd, Knowlton and Adams also played poorly vs TO. They better bring their A game to BC, or none of the changes will mean anything.

Floyd seems determined to do well in this game, so that seems good. If he Adams and Knowlton can return to form, which im sure they will, and with the addition on Jamall Johnson, the Ticats D won't be such a weak point after all.

I hope Porter Can pull One out But I rather have Glen in there...

They would only have to start one non-import receiver, not two, to go with an all-import defensive line. Stala and/or Bauman were only coming in last game when they went to a five receiver set. Rodriguez, Davis, McDaniel and Currie, all imports, were the starting receivers.

Please, Porter is our guy. I honestly can't see where you think we will be so much better with Glenn. So Glenn may have a quicker release but how can you get rid of the ball when no one is open?

If you want a bright future sooner, then you play Porter. If you want to swim in mediocrity this year and then wait for Porter to develop after that, then start Porter.

Onknight, I know that you love this team and want them to win but I will take a down year again this year to build for multiple great years after that.

If we start Glenn, we are going to be .500 or worse. Porter would be able to do the same thing.

We want to win but we have to be patient. If this is truly our guy, we have to let him play to get experience.

OK, now it makes sense. Bolden takes Kirk's place at DT, and Bauman takes Currie's place at WR as Drew pointed out in this post. Drew said that Bolden replacing Kirk "would change the Cats ratio and to compensate non-import wide receivers Chris Bauman and Dave Stala saw time together with the first offensive unit" in this post.

Anyway, I find it interesting that Floyd will apparently be used at MLB. I was wondering what changes would be made to the D after Johnson was brought in. But I did not expect Floyd to appear to take Haley's place at MLB. There are some who may think that starting an inexperienced rookie like Haley there would be a mistake. But was Floyd ever used at MLB when he was in BC? We'll just have to wait and see what happens with a starting LB corps that consists entirely of ex-Lions.

And bringing in Matt Carter may be a good idea.

When are the Ticats going to let people settle in and play! They are constantly
changing players, and no one can settle in and play without looking over their
shoulder, especially on defense. I've seen high school teams that don't
shuffle players this much!! This has to be coming from Obie, because I
can't believe the coaches would be doing this.

I believe that if a guy can't hack it, you get rid of him. Look at the revolving door of players over the past few years but I think the problem is that some guys don't get a chance to adjust to the Canadian game.

You can't play a guy for 1 game then let him go or sit him. If he is not ready to play, sit him for a game or two to see how the game up here is played. I think the problem is that we bring these guys in and then throw them to the lions.

We have zero consistency on this team. We got people who want to change QBs just as the rest of the offense is getting used to playing with QP and now we are changing receivers.

How can you develop a team with zero consistency? I just don't get it.


It works in hockey. And Bil Parcells always wanted guys who could play more than one position. I think shuffling people around can be a good thing. Keeps everyone on their toes and we are still evaluating talent so this is the time to do it. Keeps the other teams guessing too! :twisted:

This most recent shuffling is understandable, IMHO. After that game on Wednesday, it seems some tinkering had to be done. And it certainly was necessary on D after Johnson was brought in. And here's a relevant quote from that blog that I quoted from earlier.

"We’re trying to get guys reps at different positions to see where they can help us and we’re still tinkering with our line-up on both sides of the ball," head coach Marcel Bellefeuille said.
As for Obie having something to do with this... no comment.


There's a difference between keeping people on their toes, and having them
concentrating more on whether they'll be here next week, instead of
playing their position. Bill Parcels wanted people to be able to play more than
one position in case of injuries. He would never shuffle people like what's
happening with this team. If you want to talk NFL, once their roster is
finalized, it's set for the season.

The thing is in the CFL your training camp is very short so it isn't uncommon for teams to use the first month of the season to experiment. NFL has mini-camps and a long training camp.

ticat53:..we do not have the luxury of meeting your request for stability right now. There are so many new players who may have more talent than we expected. Once this team has a couple of playoff seasons under their belts then the constant tinkering should not be needed as much.
Until then though, I think this is a good time to see what the players have got and experiment with different line ups. I think the players are up to the challenge. As HfxTC said..its a smart move by the coaching staff.
Re Bill Parcells. It was not just for injuries. He was never afraid to intimidate players by moving people around.
Also.....are you saying we should not make use of the new "Wildcat play" rule because of the effect on the QB? I am in favour of throwing as many surprises as possible against an opponent.

Ron: I think it will a good move for Bauman. I will be at practice Tuesday so I will have a chance to see the adjustments for myself. :slight_smile:

mightypope wrote:

They would only have to start one non-import receiver, not two, to go with an all-import defensive line. Stala and/or Bauman were only coming in last game when they went to a five receiver set. Rodriguez, Davis, McDaniel and Currie, all imports, were the starting receivers.
Thanks for your post, mightypope. My earlier post should have been clearer. If the Ticats go with an all-import defensive line and linebacking corps, they will probably have only one non-import on defence (i.e. the safety) resulting in six non-imports starting on offence (i.e. four offensive linemen, a receiver, and a fullback or a second receiver in a five receiver set).

Also using an all BC LB core :smiley: (Johnson, Floyd, Knowlton)